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5K Update

I thought yesterday was supposed to be the start of cooler temps (for a few days anyway) but I got home and my apartment was a blistering 86 degrees. If anyone is interested in a free sauna, come on over! I’ll supply ice.

This morning though, I woke up and it was a delicious 70 degrees in my apartment. Lots of wind and a cooler front rolled through. Today and tomorrow I will bask in the wonder that is 70 degree temps. I also held off on starting week 6 (can you believe I’m on week SIX already?) and will venture out to give it a go tonight. There’s something about jogging in 90 degree weather that’s just not *quite* as exciting as 70 degrees. Not sure why 😉

I do have to admit how much I love my Garmin though. I love being able to view all the stats from my runs and really see if I’m improving. I think I am too! Here’s where we are so far:

Looking specifically at my last workout…

What I think is interesting is that the time is exactly the same but I was able to tack on an additional .05 miles. It’s not a lot but hey, it’s progress and I’ll take it. I also think it’s interesting how my max speed was only 6.0 and yet I was faster than the other two times that week when I was 6.6 and 6.8mph as my fastest speed. I do think I tucker out a lot faster when I speed up even a little. Gotta work the balance to find the sweet spot.

Last year I didn’t begin training outside with my Garmin – so I don’t have comparison numbers until July. I’ll be excited to see where I will be in July when compared to last year. Ben and I are going to do the “Beer Belly” 2 mile on the 23rd. We’ll likely just walk it – there’s all kinds of stops along the way with root beer and water and then more root beer and beer at the finish. (I wonder if the beer was what got Ben to agree to do it with me?? 😉 )

Since it was hot last night and we didn’t want to do any oven cooking, we chopped up some veggies

And pulled out all the fixings

And made taco / nacho salads.

His: black beans and rice, taco meat, cheese, sour cream, and hot sauce

Hers: rice, refried beans and taco meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, sour cream, and salsa


Tonight we’re heading back to view a house a second time – this time with our parents. To get a perfect house that’s move-in ready with no flaws and a large lot – we’re realizing we’ll never find anything that’s in our price range. So now we need to look at what can and can’t be changed: house can be changed easier than a lot right? So our folks are going to walk through with us to help determine potential issues and costs with making changes. We’ll see how it all goes and if we decide to make an offer. Still super fun to look either way!

And after that I’ll be tackling my first week of 2 minute jogs!

I’m nervous.


4 Responses

  1. LOL at the lack of veggies on Ben’s nacho plate!

    I love to rehab houses. I actually flipped 2 and would have been doing more if the real estate market didn’t crash. I love finding a diamond in the rough. Make sure the lot and the neighborhood is what you like. You can always change things about the house over time.

  2. By the way, thanks for all your support on my blog 😀

  3. Geesh! I think you need a fan in your apt. I would die.
    You’re doing great with your training. It’s coming a long. Small steps remember otherwise you get injured then you can’t do anything. Every little gain is a GIANT step. Good going 🙂

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