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It Was a Hot One

Whew! Whoever would believe that it’s not even Summer yet with the weather we’ve been having! Certainly feels like Spring is over.

I spent Friday hanging out with my brother Matt. We drove around doing errands and hung around my apartment. Mom and Dad went to Steven’s Point to watch Alex’s soccer team perform at State. Mom called around noon to tell us all the families had packed wrong – it was freezing and pouring rain.

Sat/Sun the temps were crazy. If I wanted 90 degree weather – I would live in Florida or Texas.

My sweat was sweating.

The irony is not lost on me either: Winters in WI are freezing so we stay indoors to avoid the cold. But… it was over 90 and I was back inside avoiding the weather again. Ha!

I did manage to get going early Saturday morning. I stumbled out of bed way too early for a non work day and laced up my shoes to finish up last week’s running goals. Technically I think I ran 10 seconds more than planned because a truck was heading down the road and I didn’t want to stop at the intersection and have to wait for him to pass. So I scampered off across the road during a planned run. The result was good though, I finished the week strong with my fastest time so far. I’ll get last week’s results up in the next day or two.

A couple things I’m noticing: I do MUCH better if I don’t eat or drink anything for at least an hour beforehand. If I do, I feel like I am going to throw up when I finish. Probably still a result of going too fast – and I’m working on that!

We purchased some seriously healthy eats last week and then they sat in the fridge collecting dust. The trouble with fruits and veggies (esp organic) is that the shelf life is about 30 seconds. Eat it right away or forget about it!

So we baked a few chicken breasts, diced up a load of veggies, and made salads:


We definitely need to eat more salad in general. Anything to up the veggie consumption, which is always a challenge for us!

Sunday was the hottest day and my little A/C unit was cranking away trying to keep my apartment at 79 (the best it could manage). Oddly enough, the wind was awesome so if you sat outside out of the shade and caught some breeze, it was terrific.

I bought a couple little things to spruce up my porch: flowers!!

Who says an apt gal can’t have her mini garden after all?

The days are deliciously long right now and remind me of the Summer I spent canvassing all the back roads by my parents’ house. I would walk every day and the weekends would have added exercise – either biking or water jogging. Right after dinner I’d strap on my shoes, grab my mp3 player and away I’d walk. Matt would usually pick me up on the way home from work and his hours would vary so sometimes I’d walk 3 miles; sometimes 8. I was an active, active monkey. Sometimes I wonder what it will take to get back to that spot. For the moment, I’m greatful to have my 5K plan – it keeps me honest because I know I need to get training now if I am ever going to have a chance at beating my time this Fall.

Anyways, last night the temps cooled to a comfortable level around 8 and I grabbed a book and sat out on my porch until it became too dark to read anymore. It was just perfect. When I envision Summer, I always think of myself sitting outside with a book enjoying the day and relaxing.

How did you spend your weekend? Was it hot and humid?


3 Responses

  1. I love your patio – it’s so cute! We had a hot weekend here, although not quite that hot. Still really warm for early June in the mid 80s.

    I get in the mood for salads occasionally, but I find I do best with frozen veggies as they never go bad LOL! I always have my broccoli florets in the freezer, but other veggies lurk there as well at times, like cauliflower. We only shop once a week, so I don’t get a lot of fresh veggies. That also means eating all the berry fruits early in the week and saving things like pears and apples for later.

  2. I can’t stand extremes either. A nice 78 degree day is fine with me but 50’s is perfection for early morning running. 🙂
    Nice to have flowers on your porch. The deer have been making dinner out of ours.

  3. Wow…that IS hot! (and I don’t say that in a Paris Hilton “that’s hot” way…:)) Love the planters, can’t wait to see how they grow! Have a great day Ali.

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