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5k Training Update

How-day ya’ll!

Yesterday was voting day in WI and for the first time ever my voting place had stickers! It may seem silly to you but I’ve never gotten one before. Sometimes it’s the simple things 😉

It was pretty funny too. I went into line and then my apartment neighbor came in and was 2 people behind me… then 6 people came in… and then my family. Crazy timing!

I’ve got a few training updates for you. First is my Garmin stats for the final day of week 4. Remember how the wind was crazy and I thought I was going super, super slow trudging against the wind?

Lap 1 is just the 18min per my training chart. 14:33 pace time – fastest one yet! Not sure how that was possible. What I’ve been doing is finishing up the time for the day and hitting the lap button, so I can keep track of how far I have extra to walk before returning back to my apt. Helps in planning so I am not running back to the apartment only to learn I still have a minute of running left!

(click image to enlarge)

Yesterday was the first day of week 5. Still 3 minutes of walking and 1.5 minutes of running – but I repeat 5 times instead of 4.

The extra one was kinda painful too. 🙂

I was a bit slower this time – 14:57 pace. But I also was running faster (6.6mph vs 5.9mph in previous) and I know that hurts my recovery speed. It’s encouraging though that I’m not seeing my heart rate up in the 180s. That’s something that I like to keep track of. When I finished the Dash last year, My heart rate topped at 200 and that was pretty scary. Can’t push too hard!

I’m waiting for the first 1.5 minutes to not be so tough. Since I’ve been doing this a few weeks now, I expected the first segment to be a bit easier but I still am huffing and puffing at the end. 90 seconds is long folks 🙂

(And the 2 minutes next week is scaring me already)

Oooh look at Miss Pepper:

A couple little flower buds. Pretty sure those will turn into more lovely green veggies. I haven’t watered it in the last 2 days because the leaves have been a bit brown and curly at the edges and the soil always feels wet to the touch. I’m wondering if they over-watered a bit at the store? Letting her dry out a touch and we’ll see how that goes.

WordPress hasn’t liked me this week. All my pictures taken and flipped in my photo editor aren’t recognized anymore.


When I try using the WordPress flip tool, it kicks me out of the post entirely. Argh. Well… we’ve all had web page issues that aggravate us from time to time right? In the meantime I just won’t take any pics that require flipping!

Sunshine and low humidity is in the forecast for today. I think I’ll scurry home after work to plop out on the porch and get some sunshine. Love this weather!


3 Responses

  1. Have you tried blogging using Windows Live Writer? It’s like using microsoft word and then it connects to your blog!

  2. I was just just going to suggest Live Writer as well. Great job on the training!

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