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A little celebrating

Happy Monday Folks!

Did you all have a fantastic weekend?

Yesterday my entire afternoon and evening were devoted to Alex’s graduation party. I was scurrying around in the morning and stringing errands together as efficiently as time allowed. Went to the grocery store, then stopped over to get balloons only to find it was a 45 minute wait! Yikes! The food couldn’t sit in 80 degree weather that long, so I drove all the way home, unloaded, then turned around and headed right back again.

My parents rented a really cute banquet place – perfectly sized for the party.

I decided to tend bar…


But I am realizing (again) how awful my camera is in dark lighting

I helped set up a little table for people to drop off cards and make a little note in Alex’s memory book.

For unknown reasons WordPress is giving me trouble with some pictures, might have to try and add those later.



You can even host a wedding there – they have a cute little gazebo and landscaped area in the back


Picnic-styled dinner was served from 4:30-6. Burgers, bratwurst, chicken, fruit trays, veggie trays, corn on the cob, potato salad, lemonade, and both chocolate cake w/ chocolate frosting and this delicious lemon cake with a tiny bit of lemon curd on the top and then a layer of wonderful vanilla frosting. Yum

Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time

We had a DJ from 6-9pm who brought some Dance Dance Revolution!!! mats and I challenged the guy to a couple rounds. Then they got theĀ  strobe lights cranking and lit up the dance floor.

Xavier has quite the moves. It’s freaky crazy and super adorable. Unfortunately he only would allow this photo op:

Silly little guy!

The boys hung out and chatted

One really neat idea was that Mom, Dad, and Matt worked on a power point slide show that played the entire evening. There were pics from when Alex was an infant all the way to this year. I couldn’t believe some of the pictures they had – ones I haven’t seen in ages – and people would gather in groups and sit and look at the pictures while they chatted. It worked out great.

Now with all the festivities behind us, time to get back to reality.

Speaking of which…. time to hit the road and drive to work.

Have a great day!



2 Responses

  1. Wow – now *that* is a graduation party!

  2. What fun! Congrats to Alex.

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