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A little math

Does this ever cross your mind??

I’ll admit, if I could pop a pill 3x a day or eat nothing but chicken for a month – I’d do it. IF there was some guarantee of success. The main trouble most people have (myself included) is we put forth effort and expect a certain result.

This is scientific. Allow me to elaborate:

E + E = R

Effort plus expectancy = result. Where R is the desired result, realistic or not.

Chances are if you aren’t getting the correct value for “R”, then something is wrong with one of your “E”s. We all know someone – maybe even ourselves – who exercises once or twice a week and then expects results and isn’t seeing it.

The American Heart Association recommends 30 min of moderate activity per day. That’s not even to lose weight. Typically then those daily numbers jump from 60-90min.

Makes my 20 minute 3x a week run/walks look kinda puny doesn’t it? 🙂 Ahh well, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Progress!


I made a trek over to Wausau, which is about a 2 hour drive away, to visit my good friend Jeff and also check in on my older brother who just moved into town.

It was funny, Xavier opened the door, lept into my arms, and attached himself to my neck the entire time I was there. And here I never thought he liked me that much. 😉

We make a cute couple though, don’t you think?

After Xavier made me some artwork and we caught up on news, Jeff and I headed out for some lunch and to talk fitness. Jeff is a great inspiration to me. He’s already lost a lot of weight, kept it off, and he just finished his longest run ever – 9 miles. When we met, neither of us could run even half a mile (heck, I still can’t!) but he’s great proof that it can be done.

Jeff also likes to pose for funny blog pictures.

I got a salad. It was very tasty

I asked Jeff how his omelet was (he was devouring it with gusto) and he seriously said “it’s everything I wanted and more”. I jokingly suggested he tell the waitress that, and he did. She looked very confused. Maybe she doesn’t hear glowing reviews often?

I’m plowing head first into the next week of 5K training – having logged over 26 miles of run/walk so far. Not bad considering I just really started accumulating mileage in these last 3 weeks. This week I’m doing 3 minute walks and 90 second jogs. Those 90 seconds are killer but I’m making an effort to slow down, concentrate on my breathing, and do the best I can.

After looking at the training log for my Garmin, I didn’t really start much training last year until July. I’m excited to see where I am with my pace time by then. I’m toying with the idea of doing the Packer 5K run/walk end of July… but I worry I’ll be the last person to cross the line. So we’ll see. I have more than a month to decide.

Looking forward to the weekend. It’s almost here!


5 Responses

  1. Being last is always my fear in races, but have never been. I have been close. 3rd from last (half marathon last weekend), or 6th to last (my first race, a 10K), but never last. I would do the 5K anyway. I am sure you would have fun, being last or not.

  2. You’re right: Rome WASN’T built in a day. But that’s no reason not to try! I think you’re doing exactly what you should be…gotta start somewhere!

  3. Xavier is very cute!

    Don’t worry about what place you come in. Sure, no one wants to be last, but even if you are – you are ahead of anyone who didn’t even get on the course!

  4. Love the name Xavier. What a cutie and yes, you do make an adorable couple 🙂
    Excited about your 5K – go for it! Try to get a friend to go with you. Bet you have a great time.

  5. I WISH it was that easy! Lose weight without exercise or eating right. 😉

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