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A Booming Wind & A Happy Birthday

I got a little behind blogging because of all that’s been going on the past few days but I’m going to catch you all up right now.

You know you’re excited too, cause this was going on:

My Dad just celebrated his 55th birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!) and I volunteered to help by making a surprise birthday carrot cake. I rushed home to get things cooking – while a little storm with crazy/insane winds was brewing…

Just as I was packing up the cake, I stepped inside my bedroom to switch shirts and heard this loud BOOM! My bedroom door (which had been propped open with a small box doing fine ALL DAY caught a huge wind gust and slammed shut so hard it ripped the door right through the jam – ripping the side wood pieces and flinging them into the room.

Did I mention I was stuck and couldn’t get the door open?

So instead of driving over with cake to surprise Dad, we had to call them to come over and help us! Three pri-bars, a hammer, pliers, 3 adults (me stuck on the inside and Ben, Mom, and Dad on the outside), and a good amount of frustration later and the door was back open.

When the door slammed the force moved the entire door frame (it was a cheap pre-hung door) so it doesn’t close. It’s not even close. Plus when the trim pieces were knocked off, the nails scraped the side of the door and the bottom piece got severely banged up. A *fun* project to fix before I ever move out!

Once I was free we were able to pack things up and head on over to the parents’ as planned for shish-ka-bobs. One of my Dad’s favorite meals.

Birthday boy or not – he is the certified grill master!

The cake turned out great. I made some alterations to my usual carrot cake – subbing oat flour for regular white, using grapeseed oil instead of vegetable, and chia seeds instead of extra frosting for the garnish.

It was more moist than when using wheat flour but it was delicious and if I hadn’t said anything, no one would have known it was gluten-free. Ha!

I could go for another piece right now actually…

Happy Birthday Dad! Here’s to 55 more wonderful years!

Hailey – who is looking more and more like a dog and less like a pup, was startled many times by the wind blowing.

She was scared at first.

But in the end she determined it was no big deal.

The wind continued into the night. Now I am super careful about wind currents through my apartment. I will not be blocked in again!


2 Responses

  1. Mmmmmm homemade carrot cake and kebabs…my kind of dinner 🙂 Happy birthday to your daddy!

  2. I love carrot cake. What a great birthday treat for your dad!

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