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Mean Green Juice & Training Update

GOOD MORNING! The roughest day of the work week is behind us once again!

What a difference a day makes too. If the marathon had been on Monday and not Sunday it would have been 20 degrees cooler. Hard to believe.

Do you have certain things / experiences that just trigger an impulse to get fit and be healthy? Watching races is one of those for me. I mean seriously, how can you watch the elite pack run – looking as easy as walking – and not think “hey, I can do that”…  *cough*

I also get that impulse when I watch or read certain health info. Ben and I watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” about a month ago and finally decided to try the ‘Mean Green Juice’ the guys in the movie used. For those who haven’t seen the documentary, it revolves around an Australian guy who lost a bunch of weight and got a lot of health concerns taken care of by doing a 90 day juice fast. He then enlists another trucker to join him and he experiences tremendous weight loss as well.

After our last experience juicing when we forgot to remove the rinds from the citrus fruit and ended up with horribly bitter juice, we were skeptical but willing to give it a try!

Ben was official juicer!

We’re still learning how to use this juicer but we both agreed we need to empty out half-way. Lots of pulp accumulation!

Almost 4 cups of green juice consisting of kale, apples, celery, cucumber, lemon, and ginger

I am pretty squeamish when it comes to green beverages (as in, I AVOID whenever possible). Ben bravely took the first sip, said “Not bad” , and proceeded to chug his entire glass.

I took one sip and had to be coerced into finishing mine. The other weird thing is that the juice doesn’t sit well in my stomach. Not sure why. I had to plug my nose to get the rest down. LOL

Maybe next time we’ll add some additional apples or something to make it less grassy for me. Not much you can do about the green color though.

So now that I’m 2 weeks into this year’s 5K training program, I thought I would share my stats. The first two days I didn’t have my Garmin with me but I am taking the same route each time so I’d imagine they are fairly similar.

Not sure why the Garmin had such a spike in calories burned during week 2. That must be a fluke because it’s so off from the other days. I’m really slow, there’s no denying it, but when I look at the running max speed – even though I think I’m running so fast, I think I need to work on slowing that down so I’m not quite so wiped out. This week I’m changing things up to jog a minute after every 3 minutes instead of 4. We’ll see how that works out tonight. Luckily it’s cooler today!

I’m down .4 lbs this week – not a whole lot but I know 20min 3x a week isn’t going to give me a lot of weight loss. I’m going to plan some long walk days (no jogging) in between my training days and add more exercise DVDs and (hopefully soon) some biking into the mix.

The more you move, the more you lose.

Charging on!



2 Responses

  1. I am not a fan of juice in general – except for fresh squeezed OJ. That I like. My tummy has a whole lot of trouble with raw green stuff. Those spinach smoothies that are all over the blog world taste fine to me, but my stomach has a hard time digesting them. Not worth it LOL!

    A loss is a loss – great job!

  2. That juicer is pretty freaking sweet!!!

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