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Exercise Tip #1

Today I am going to impart some words of wisdom on you all. Lean a little closer cause seriously, thisis important.

Tip: If you’re out walking/jogging/running/whatever and you are both A: 6″ shorter than your boyfriend and B: completely out of shape, save yourself the misery and just exercise alone!

Ben had a meeting that ran over lunch so he missed his kettlebell class and decided to tag along on my 20min run/walk. I was excited to have him along until we hit the first one minute jog, and as I sat huffing and puffing hovering around 4.6mph (I run SLOW), Ben just kept walking. He could see it was frustrating me so he just backed way up and leisurely sauntered 20 feet behind me as I huffed and puffed. Finally I told him to run halfway down a side road so he’d at least be sweaty when we got home. That worked 🙂

Ben is totally supportive though and would never make fun of me, but I admit it’s frustrating. I don’t watch shows like The Biggest Loser because I just can’t understand how people 100+ pounds heavier than me can trek through a marathon. Seriously, at the end of these 1 minute jogs, I’m wiped out.

Here are the stats from yesterday’s training run:

Time: 21:48
Distance: 1.40mi

Garmin said I burned almost 500 calories but I don’t see how that’s possible.

OK – for all the runners out there, I still have serious issues regulating my breathing. Any tips? Do you breath in through your nose and out through your mouth? I just expend so much energy trying to suck in air (allergies are not helping)

Yesterday I posted the latest crockpot recipe experiment.

It’s commonly called ‘Crockpot Italian Chicken’. The sauce is made from water, Italian seasoning mix, and cream cheese. Easy enough, right?

Most things do smell wonderful cooking in the crockpot too. Love coming home to the smell of food. 🙂

It looked a lot better after it was cooked and it tasted pretty good too. One of the problems we had was finding an Italian seasoning mix without MSG.

We went with McCormick since there was no MSG in the ingredients – but it ended up being pretty salty for us. I think if we made it again I probably wouldn’t have put an entire packet in it.

Anyone know of good italian seasoning and/or onion soup mix that’s MSG free??

My computer tower arrived and Ben ws tinkering putting it all together!

It’s a little noiser than my old one but BOY can it handle better graphics. Wow. Thank you Ben 🙂

Tonight’s a night off from walking so I’ll plug in the DDR and dance around for some cardio on that. I’m loving getting some exercise in every day – and I think I should have a weight loss this week, which is even better.

Oh yeah, and tomorrow is FRIDAY!


6 Responses

  1. I find it hard to run with other people unless we are very compatible…the only time I’ve ever run with my BF is side by side on treadmills!

    • You’re right – we used to exercise on the treadmill together and that did work perfectly. I think we’ll have to wait to exercise together until I’m either much faster or we have a couple treadmills again!

  2. John and I ran together for a little bit until he got faster than me and it was frustrating. Now neither of us run because of nagging injuries, so that solves that LOL. We bike about the same, which is good.

    I was just going to ask about the saltiness of the dish and you answered that. I might try that with half a packet. I like the cream cheese idea.

    • Funny how that seasoning was FOR slow cookers. Maybe some people are used to more salt? We really do a good job limiting it so I think we notice it more. I agree 1/2 a pack would be a good call.

      It’s great you bike the same. Can’t imagine how it would go if you two were really off!

  3. You are doing great! I have never run with anyone and I’m kinda scared of what will happen if someone asks me to. It’s kinda “my” time and I’d feel weird that I can’t talk if they want to…

    Wildtree makes great low sodium, more natural seasonings: http://www.MyWildtree.com/GrapeGal

    I get a lot of stuff through them now.


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