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A New Computer

I came home yesterday to find some odd contraption sitting on Ben’s desk:

Computer parts…

A little back story for you all. Ben is a gamer and really loves PC games. He used to play World of Warcraft, Starcraft, PlanetSide, etc, etc…. although he doesn’t play as much anymore. Interestingly enough, several years ago I bought a 5+ year old (at the time) PC game called Diablo that one of my friends wanted to play with me online. When Ben and I started dating, that was actually something we had in common right away – that we’d both played the game. While Ben had purchased it when it first came out (and beat it on all the levels), I had only gotten past the first level. Since the game was so old, Ben didn’t want to play it anymore but we agreed when the new version came out, we’d play that together.

Fast forward to yesterday which was the release day for the latest Diablo game. Apparently my 3 year old computer is not sufficient, so Ben’s been taking all his spare computer parts and working on making me a new computer that can handle the graphics.

Yes, we’re computer people. We’re still fun though ๐Ÿ™‚

So last night was spent with Ben tinkering around with the parts. We’re just waiting for the computer case he ordered to arrive. Total cost for my new computer? $65 Not too shabby.

I’ve been breaking out my old Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) games to exercise with every day. It’s odd starting over (memory cards are packed up somewhere unknown) but it’s also helping because I’m definitely not as good as I once was. It took 26 tries last night to pass a song goal. Ironically – or maybe not so ironic – was that Ben declared it to be the most obnoxious song in the entire game. At least I finally passed it!

With my plan to exercise a bit each day, the DDR is helping a lot. I can do a few songs and work up a sweat, then quick work on dinner, then hop back on again. Plus it helps space out from when I’m out doing my 5K training.

I am trying a new crockpot recipe tonight that I’ve seen on many web sites.

Doesn’t look really appetizing right now but I’ll let you all know how it turns out tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday!



2 Responses

  1. What is that crockpot recipe?? LOL

    I love computer games. Age of Empires is my favorite – especially on my mac. But, my mac is now dead, so I haven’t been playing.

  2. OMG…live in tech support???? You lucky woman!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day.

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