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Madison – Day 2

Happy Monday everyone!

Before I get into the rest of my trip details – let it be known that these past couple days have been absolutely GLORIOUS weather-wise. I mean bona-fide 100% could not be better. Yesterday was mid 70s, light breeze, full sunshine and the evening cooled down perfectly. If only every day was like yesterday! 🙂

Back in Madison, we woke up Friday and walked across the street to Denny’s for breakfast. I thought I took pictures. I could have sworn I did!

Anyways, we both tried the build-your-own pancake combo. I really liked that idea – you pick if you want buttermilk or wheat pancakes (wheat), choose from a list of add-ins like blueberries, nuts, milk or white chocolate chips (white chocolate), pick a topping – hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, sliced bananas or strawberries, etc (strawberries) and finally whether or not you want whipped cream (yes!).

Courtesy of Dennys.com, here’s what our meal looked like:

We went back to the hotel, changed into our exercise clothes, and hit the little exercise room. 25min on the treadmill followed by some dumbbell work. I felt like Lori lifting the weights – only mine were just 5lbs 🙂

After the gym we went swimming in the pool and vegged in the hot tub. Then back to the room to shower and head downtown!

But not after some re-fueling 🙂

Bigger cities have such fun skylines!


We found a parking ramp and headed towards the Capitol

Great weather and not many people although there were protestors (loud ones) and we scurried by them as quickly as we could. Not something you see around home…

Hello down there!!!!


A cool thing they had around town were little rent-a-bike stations where you could pay $5 for a day’s use – provided you checked the bike in every 30 min. Otherwise you’d pay some additional fees.


We sauntered up and down State street – and THIS is where the people were. It was packed – probably due to finals wrapping up and it being a Friday.

Interesting items for sale:

And interesting license plates:

We left and made a quick hunt for a Barnes and Noble so I could get some reading material and then made dinner reservations. Last year Ben took me to Ruth’s Chris for my birthday and we went back again. It’s just so good.

Started with a house salad with spinach and arugula

Then my glorious steak – cooked perfectly – on the 500 degree plate. Still sizzling as it arrived

As fantastic as the steak is, for me the star is the sweet potato casserole. I so wish I had this recipe!

Ben chose the garlic mashed pots

For the dessert course we got a flourless chocolate cake. Very rich, fluffy, and truffle-like in the center and just the perfect size.

I ordered a margarita but it came out with huge chunks of ice and really wasn’t edible, so they took it back and I just enjoyed water instead.

We then drove home and stayed up until 12:30 watching the Brewers go into extra innings for the ball game. At least they won!

Saturday was the continental breakfast at the hotel and then a quick trip over to check out Trader Joes!

Madison is very eco-friendly:

I’ve been wanting to check out Trader Joe’s for a while. They had a lot of really terrific prices! I bought coconut oil, almond flour, and almond butter at ridiculous prices and we loaded Ben up with organic lunch meats and cheeses.

Trader Joe’s didn’t have the Larabar flavors I wanted to try and since Whole Foods was 2 miles away, we went there too. We also managed to zip in and out with ONLY Larabars. I was proud of myself.

There’s no doubt WF has a bigger selection. However they also are a lot more expensive and crowded. Ben said he vastly preferred TJ. As for me – I just was glad to have fun new stuff to buy.

Check out the little critters on the side of the highway:


I tend to be oblivious but Ben’s great at pointing out wildlife for me.

A sunny drive back home and we arrived in Green Bay mid afternoon.

Now it’s Monday and I’m wishing we’d have a few more days, relaxing is just so wonderful!

This is the FINAL survivor challenge at work – and it’s a doozy! NO caffeine / soda / tea for the week. I’m sipping decaf (which is allowed) but I’m wondering if I’m going to have a bit of a headache later this week. We’ll see. Probably doesn’t hurt to go easy on the caf every once in a while anyway right?


2 Responses

  1. Yay for lifting!! 😀

    What a fun trip and it seems like everyone is posting pictures of duck and geese babies. The just are so uber cute!

    I love TJ’s. We used to live near one in Illinois and out here, the nearest one is several hours away, although rumor has it Albany is getting one. So, maybe I can get there more often if it is only an hour away!

  2. Madison looks lovely!!! Glad you had a good time. Yak??? I wonder what yak tastes like!! Have a wonderful week Ali.

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