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Zumba Girl

It was a busy weekend around here folks! Lots of fun things to report!

Saturday was Alex’s soccer invitational. We woke up bright and early and fueled up with steel cut oats. I’m happy Ben eats these because I can make one big pot rather than have to make him fend for himself.

Along with the necessary coffee and some internet time.

We caught up with Alex warming up. The team got new jerseys this year and it took us a while to find the team!

It was overcast and freezing for the first game, we wrapped up in blankets. Thankfully Alex’s team won 5-0 (it’s always colder when your team is losing).

We had a good 2 hours to kill before his second game so we drove to the store to pick up a lunch bag for Ben and some other necessities. We’re trying to make more lunches rather than have him eat fast food all week.

Alex in motion for game 2:

They won game 2 as well and qualify for State!

The sun really popped out and I wished I’d brought sunscreen.

We all got a little fried sunkissed.

Alex’s team was awarded first place.

We also found out that during the opening ceremonies they called Alex up on stage and announced to everyone that he’d been selected to represent team USA in the 2013 Winter Special Olympics in Pyeongchang South Korea. What we didn’t know was that Alex is the first person from this region to EVER get selected for the games! They all clapped and told him to bring home gold. It will be so exciting to see how it all pans out. 🙂

That night I went to try Zumba for the first time. One of my co-workers goes twice a week and I finally had time in my schedule to give it a try. There was a 2 hour Zumbathon going on across town.

Zumba baby!

It’s funny how different Zumba is from what I expected – although maybe I didn’t know too much what to expect. There were plenty of people decked out in Zumba gear but others in regular workout clothes like me.

I will say that my running shoes (even my oldest pair with worn tread) were not the greatest for sliding across the floor.


I Zumba’ed for an hour and a half and then couldn’t Zumba anymore. Most of the energy was mental – because I just couldn’t keep up with all the different moves. I think I expected it to be more repetitive like step aerobics and often was frustrated because there was almost no cue’ing and many songs didn’t build up very well.

Maybe a beginner shouldn’t tackle 2 hours of Zumba to start with either? 🙂

Not sure I’ll be a hardcore Zumba babe the way I thought. I tend to shy away from stuff that seems a little too … something. It’s probably the matchy-matchy Zumba clothes that are getting me (I feel the same way about yoga too, but I’m going to try it someday).

But – with all that being said, it was fun to shake my booty with my gal pal Angela. Thanks for inviting me hun!!! 🙂 I’ll probably give it another go sometime.

Ben and I are starting our “something is better than nothing” exercise plan. The idea is that you have to do something every day – but it doesn’t matter what it is. I’m going to follow my 3x a week run/walk plan for my 5K training but the rest of the days will be cross-training of some sort.

Speaking of cross-training, look what I have now!


My bike’s out of storage and I was itching to get a couple miles under my belt on Sunday…

But this happened all day:


So we ran errands, did laundry, and bought groceries. I tried a new exercise DVD which had some pec and tricep work. I am feeling it this morning. Wow! Gotta build some muscles. 🙂

We grabbed some QDoba for a quick meal and I popped a chip into my mouth with what “looked” like queso fresco on top…

Here’s a look at a similar chip:

It wasn’t queso.

Holy, holy salt! Wowzers!

All in all, a super fun-filled weekend. Even better is that Ben and I are taking Thurs and Fri off from work to head to Madison for a long weekend. First vacation day all year and I can’t wait.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a yummy veggie-packed pasta recipe!

PS For those doing the weekly challenge along with me, today’s challenge is to limit your TV watching to ONE hour per day. You can do it!


3 Responses

  1. Congrats to Alex! What an honor!

    And holy moly – the salt on the chip. Someone had a liberal hand, there.

  2. Hi Ali. Such a fun post. I have to say…you and Ben both have the WARMEST smiles. You are a lovely couple. Congrats to Alex too! Have a great Tuesday.

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