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The Running Game

I have a plan!

Two years ago I got serious about trying to run a 5K. I used the popular couch to 5k running plan from cool running, downloaded lots of fun podcasts to use, and made it to week 4 where I simply could not finish a workout. I’d try repeating week 3 for multiple weeks but I just couldn’t handle those 5min jog segments. It was frustrating for me – I was overweight, sure – but if Biggest Loser contestants can run/walk through marathons how come I can’t handle 5 min jog stints?

Last year I found a less aggressive 5K plan on SparkPeople. I did much better – getting through several weeks before, again, just unable to go any further.

Since then I’ve learned a lot about my allergies to pollen and I do understand that my air intake is restricted because of this – explaining some of my breathing issues while exercising.

I still have “run a full mile” and “run a 5K” on my bucket list. I’ll get there one of these years. 🙂 My goal this year, as usual, is to see if I can break my 5k time this fall. You can read recaps of the annual 5k I do here and here.

So for THIS year I’ve modified the SparkPeople chart even more. My 5k is in 18 weeks away so I’m going to use the following chart 3x a week until then:

Week  Walking Interval (minutes)  Jogging Interval (minutes)  Number of Walk/Jog Repetitions  Total Time
  Jogging Minutes
1 20 0 1 20   0
2 4 1 4 20   4
3 3 1 5 20   5
4 3 1.5 4 18   6
5 3 1.5 5 22.5   7.5
6 3 2 4 20   8
7 3 2 5 25   10
8 3 2 5 25   10
9 2 3 4 20   12
10 2 3 4 20   12
11 2 3 5 25   15
12 2 3 6 30   18
13 2 3 6 30   18
14 2 3 7 35   21
15 2 3 8 40   24
16 2 4 6 36   24
17 1 4 7 35   28
18 1 4 8 40   32

I’m excited – it’s good to have a plan. I’ll post this in a new tab so you call can check my progress as I go. As you can see, I’m not shooting for running a 5k by Sept this year, which is a first for me, but if I can stick to this schedule, I’ll be running so much more than I ever have before. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

I also got my health screening info back.

Here’s the *score* I get when compared to other women my age. I know if I got my weight under control I’d be even higher.

And here’s my bloodwork:

4 years ago was the first time I ever had a screening like this. I am trying to find those original numbers but I know my total cholesterol was in the 190s and my triglycerides were around 160. Last year I think I was around the 150s for total cholesterol so I have some more room for improvement there too. It’s definitely nice to see how the numbers look over time.

I’m trying Zumba for the first time tomorrow night! There is a 2 hour fundraising event my co-worker is going to and I’m tagging along to give zumba a try. I’m so excited. Last night I tried to get my dancing booty on:

Dance Dance Revolution, I am learning, is like anything else. If you don’t use it, you lose it. I’m terrible! I used to whip through songs on hard with no problem and I couldn’t even get through one without feeling like I was going to keel over. Room for improvement there too!

So lots in the works. I’m excited to get my bike out of storage this weekend so I can begin logging bike miles and run/walk miles. Hopefully all the effort will result in a little weight loss too. I don’t mind when that happens. 😉

What are your Spring/Summer exercise plans?


One Response

  1. Sounds like a good plan. I think with running, just slow way down for the longer intervals so that you are barely jogging. That can get you past that hump, which probably has a psychological component to it. Or – you could just bike instead of run 😉

    I don’t have a lot of exercise plans for the summer other than a lot of biking!!

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