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Boom! Boom!

I think I got 3 hours of sleep last night. Maybe.

We had some serious storms going on last night and they are still here this morning! Apparently a large section of the highway is closed and the radio said one company is informing all the employees that the parking lot is under water!

Hey, at least it’s not snow right? 🙂

As if to add insult to injury, these loud quackers were up bright and early at 5am to keep the neighbors from trying to eek out a couple more minutes of sleep:

So I’m super-duper tired today but otherwise in an amazing frame of mind. I’ve been looking at my summer exercise plan for the year. I always do better with some sort of laid-out plan to follow.

Last year I took a couch to 5K program and lengthened it out but still had trouble tackling much beyond 4 minute running segments. I’ve decided not to set myself up for failure this year am working on an 18 week summer program ending the weekend of my yearly Sept 5K run/walk. I’m almost done and should be able to share that with you all tomorrow. I’m excited!

Ben tried a kettle bell class yesterday and I had him demo some of the moves. Apparently that class really wiped him out. I think he’ll get a lot out of the various classes and I’ll be interested to see which he likes best.

Not familiar with kettle bells?

I took a health risk assessment at work a few months ago and just got the results back. I’ll put them all together and get those posted too. I love it when they offer cholesterol screening at work and having a yearly number really helps me track how the changes I’ve done have helped or hindered progress.

I’ve mentioned before I’m a member of a public speaking club at work called Toastmasters. We had our annual speech contest and there were awards for the highest scoring speech and the best overall speech. I won one of the trophies!

Now I have two on my desk. The slice of cake is our yearly traveling trophy – so I don’t get to keep that one – but my latest speech contest trophy is all mine. Afterall, you can’t give a 2012 trophy to someone in 2013 right?

I still get nervous before making a speech but once I get started, I settle in and do pretty well. Practice definitely helps!

We whipped up a quick dinner last night with chicken and annie’s mac and cheese with broccoli tossed in. Seriously, it’s a super way to incorporate a veggie in!

Still doing great on the no-sweets week. Totally owning this week’s work challenge (although I do dream about chocolate…) Tonight we’re going to the bar for my monthly co-worker get together so I’ll have to pass on the fruity drinks and stick to water. It’s only one night. I can handle it!

Yay – tomorrow is FRIDAY and I’m so excited for the weekend!!


2 Responses

  1. Congrats on the trophies! Public speaking is actually something I do pretty well, but I really don’t like it (shy). Being a music major, I had to deal a lot with performing in front of people, too.

    I like the look of kettle bells, but my gym has 1 bell and it is a 10 pounder. I don’t know what that will do for me. I’ll keep hoisting the dumbbells.

  2. Congrats Ali. And I hope your weather calms down and you have a much better sleep tonight.

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