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Do You See What I See?

Ever have one of those moments where you are driving around and *think* you spot something out of the corner of your eye? You do a quick double-take, darting your eyes back and… sure enough, it is what you thought.

Yesterday was one of those days and despite potentially annoying the gentleman behind me at the stop light, I quickly whipped out my camera to provide you all with this picture:

Yes. That is a pink limo. I’vc never seen limos in any color other than the standard black or white. How crazy would it be to ride in a pink limo? (or any limo? clearly I don’t get out much 😉 )

I’m so proud of Ben – he cancelled his old gym membership at Planet Fitness and joined the Y near work. Two of his co-workers go there every day so I know he’ll actually go now that he’ll have company. Yesterday was his first day there and he took a spin class (way to get right in there Ben!)


I asked him how it went when he got home and he said it was great. He tried explaining some of the things they did and commented how he thought his legs would be wrecked today. This morning I asked how his legs were and he said “My legs are fine, it’s my BUTT!!”

Today is kettleball class. Should be fun to hear how that goes. 🙂

Meanwhile I’m totally jealous wishing I had a gym that offered classes I could take over lunch. But with Ben jumping full-in on the exercise bandwagon, I need to pick it up at home. I’ll keep you all updated on both our progress as we go along.

I’m starting day 3 of this week’s challenge to eat no sweets. It’s hard but really, in small spurts like this, it’s easy to accomplish anything. I think that’s why it’s so great to set goals that are short and long-term. You can do just about anything for a week, ya know?

And I’m getting my sugar fix eating apples

Ben set up the Playstation for me so tonight I’m going to do some Dance Dance Revolution. It’s supposed to hit 80 (EIGHTY!!) today but it’s pouring rain so I’m going to get my workout on indoors.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!


3 Responses

  1. Is that a Mary Kay limo? Those are the only kind of pink cars I ever see (but never a limo).

    My gym doesn’t offer classes, but I will take the cheap $99 a year membership over them!

  2. Coolest limo ever! I saw one similar to that in Times Square last year…I want one!!

  3. Woah….that is a crazy pink limo. I wanna go for a ride in one. Those gym classes sound fun. Have a great week Ali.

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