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The craziness is over, for now.

It’s amazing how busy we’ve been the past couple weeks and now, finally, it feels like we can sit down and survey the wreckage. There’s no wreckage really, of course, but after running, running, running, it’s amazing how your body just NEEDS a break when it’s all over.

Thursday I got home from work and called Ben to check his progress on finishing up cleaning the house. It wasn’t going well so I drove over and we were there until 9pm doing all the final bits. The buyers wanted a final walk-through on Friday morning and luckily my key was still on my keyring (Ben left his in the house when we did the last lock-up) so I spent Friday carrying my cell around at work for when the realtor called to swing over and pick it up.

I have no clue what we did Friday night. It’s a blur.

Saturday I made steel cut oats with flax seeds, chia seeds, and coconut milk. Topped with maple peanut butter and some mini chocolate chips. Ben ate his entire bowl 🙂

It’s not realistic to drive to our usual breakfast place on Saturdays and Sundays, so we’ve decided we’ll go on Sundays when we make our grocery store trip. Saturdays will most likely be filled with Ali’s creative breakfast cooking

I do like steel cut oat bowls. If these were quicker to make and easier to travel with warm, I’d probably bring them to work every day.

We did a quick drop-off at the recycling event. It was so well organized, you just drove up and they unloaded all your old electronics. Check out the piles of old monitors:

I’ll say this right away – the last couple weeks have NOT been good diet-wise. I’ve opted for easy and quick which usually means way too much fat and sugar. Case in point, after dropping off the old computer parts, we were waiting in the parking lot for my parents so we could drop off some stuff for them… and I caved.

Double-scoop of cashew delight. It was incredible. I could have eaten a half gallon of this easily!

We picked up Matt later in the day and all hung out before heading to get Matt his belated birthday dinner.

Matt was trying hard not to laugh. 🙂

And more unhealthy foods, starting with wonton-wrapped mozzarella sticks

This was a fluke though – I bit into a stick and the wonton poked my back gum – right where I had a wisdom tooth removed 10+ years ago. Darn thing has been so tender and sore ever since 😦

Matt and Ben ordered burgers and fries

While I ordered the “mini” sized nachos

Couldn’t even finish them all. Very yummy though.

We dropped Matt off late and went home and crashed. Sunday morning I heard Ben rummaging through his bathroom cupboards looking for meds.

Ben totally crashed all day Sunday. Not sure if if was because he’d been fighting something or if it was because Sunday was the first day in weeks where we’ve been able to unwind?

And so, in pictures, this is how my Sunday went:


Happy to report Ben’s feeling much better today. Maybe he just needed some down time.

The scale is not my friend right now (what do I expect?) and tomorrow seems like a good time to get started. Meanwhile this week’s work challenge is to eat no sweets. Good week for this goal too. I need to regroup.

In other exciting news, taking a couple days off to veg, so just 10 days until mini-vacation!


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  1. I miss Culvers!!!!!! I loved that cashew ice cream and the cheese curds! Not that we don’t have a ton of great seasonal ice cream shops around here, but no fried curds.

    I don’t blame you for taking a couple days off. Moving is tough.

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