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Tieing Up Loose Ends

You may or may not know that I love certain domestic activities – like crocheting and cross stitch. My mom taught me to crochet when I was in my early teens and I remember it was a challenge because I’m left handed and she had to reverse everything to make it work for me.

Over the years I’ve made huge afghans for every family member and tons of baby blankets. I would make one for each baby that was born in our department at work (and there were tons!) but now that I’m at my new company (relatively new – 3 years) and a new position and department of 6, there are no babies. When Ben told me about one of his good friends who was having their first, I knew I needed to make one. Just got it done and I think it turned out great.

What’s funny is that they told us when they were just 4 weeks pregnant and I immediately declared that they would have a girl. And they did. I’m smart like that 😉

I usually stick to the same pattern for 2 or 3 blankets before moving to something else. This was a basic pattern but I jazzed it up with scalloped edges and the ‘ribbon’ through the border.

I love the way it turned out. I hope they like it too. You never know about homemade gifts – they take forever and only people who do similar projects understand just how many hours they take!

We’re hoping to go over and see her this weekend. Little babies are so cute. 🙂

Tonight is our less-fun task: deep cleaning Ben’s house. We got *most* of the stuff moved out Tuesday night for garbage pick-up but we still have some electronics that need to be recycled and some large TVs to move. Plus today is the last day – the house closes tomorrow!

Ben did enjoy his day off from work yesterday and went with some friends to a ball game. So hopefully he’s energized for the night ahead.

We put a roast in the crockpot. Now that we’re under the same roof, it’s going to hopefully be easier to plan meals and eat a bit better.

Ben got the fun job of browning the meat

Then just cover in some beef broth and let cook all day long!

When I got home from work I chopped up some onion, carrot, and potatoes and let those cook for a few more hours before dinner

What’s great is that we’ll have enough for 2 dinners and a lunch for me too. Not bad!

Next week’s challenge at work is to eat NO SWEETS. This may be my hardest challenge yet! We’ll see how it goes next week.


5 Responses

  1. I have always wanted to learn to cross stitch! It always looks so cool!

  2. What a beautiful blanket! I use to sort of crochet when I was younger, but I had trouble making rows. 😀

    Is Ben tall? He looks tall in that photo in the kitchen.

  3. That is a BEAUTIFUL blanket!!!! Lucky baby!!! Have a great weekend Ali.

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