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Hard to say goodbye

Last night we met our realtor to sign the closing papers and get all our ducks in a row for Friday’s closing. Ben doesn’t even need to be there for the closing – he’s completely done. So all that’s left is clearing out the remaining things from his house and giving it a nice cleaning.

Wednesday is garbage day so the plan is to empty everything that’s left out onto the curb tonight and then use Thursday to clean and make everything sparkly.

As I was vacuuming the bedrooms and looked around, it’s hard to let go. All I see are the tiny little projects we worked on. I’m guessing it will be even harder for Ben. Why is change so exciting but so tough!? 🙂

I took my final pictures so you can see how all my shrubs and flowers I planted last year are looking a year later. You can see my original posts from last year HERE and HERE.

Last year we swapped out some shrubs in the front of the yard that were stunted and had never grown due to tough clay soil. We dug huge holes and mixed in a few bags of dirt and planted 3 pretty new shrubs. We also weeded and cleaned out a side flower bed by the garage and some tiny beds flanking the ramp into the backyard shed.

Last Year – Side Flower Bed:

This Year:

We didn’t re-plant any annuals and decided to leave the space for the new owners to plant anything they may want. You can see how the irises look much thicker and healthier than when I transplanted them last year – but still no flowers. The salvia also looks bigger and thicker.

Last Year – Shed Flower Beds:

This Year:

The big dead-looking shrub in the middle is one of the front yard transplants. I actually thought it had died, but if you look closer you can see all kinds of action. It’s just a slow grower.

Some of the mums I planted re-seeded and the daylilies look so good. I’m really sad I won’t get to see them bloom. They were so beautiful last year.

Last Year – Front of the House:

This Year:

We’ll also miss seeing the flowers on these as well. Very sad!

Even though it’s hard to leave, I hope the new owners will love the small changes we’ve done – like painting the fence

And hopefully, soon, Ben will get a wonderful new house and I can begin ripping that apart and plant all kinds of fun, new flowers and plants!!

I can hardly wait!


2 Responses

  1. It is hard to let an old place go, especially if you have put a personal stamp on it. Then it is exciting to get into a new place and do the same thing!

  2. So hard to leave but you’ll create all new memories in a new place. Look forward to beginning again. I’ve done it many times and the next place is always better than the one before.

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