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Crazy Road Construction

When my parents moved to Green Bay, I was 18 and a freshman in college. Our previous hometown boasted a whopping 7,000 people and two stoplights. It was also the “big” town for 60 miles. So when I came home over mid-semester break – to a new home and a new city – I was terrified to drive anywhere.

I often got lost (where was a handy and cheap GPS back then?) and absolutely refused to take the highway. Vivid images of me attempting to merge onto a packed lane with no place to go terrified me to no end. In fact, my first job was on the other side of town and I’d drive on all the side streets, taking twice as long, just to avoid the highway.

I’m pleased to say that in the 12 years I’ve lived here, I am over the fear of the highway. A 4-lane divided highway is easy-peasy. Maybe it’s because I know all the exits, understand where I am going, etc because I still hate driving into larger cities not knowing when to merge or exit.

Well now they’ve totally ripped up the highway and are making it 3 lanes on either side instead of 2. Crazy – feels like a big, big city now. 😉

But along with the highway, they’re messing with a bunch of the side roads too and traffic is ridiculous

So when I went to meet my friend Renee for dinner last night, it took a long, long, long time. Single lanes, lots of cars, honking, etc.

They say WI has two seasons: Winter and Road Construction 🙂

For some reasons my dinner pics aren’t downloading so I’ll try and post those tomorrow. But we had a great time chatting and catching up. She’s having a candle party tomorrow and I have to pass due to packing crunch time, but I contributed with a batch of peanut butter cookies.

Peanut butter cookies and wine? Sure, why not!

I finished the Hunger Games last night – which is good because I need to spend less time reading and more time packing. Down to just tonight and tomorrow after work to get things sorted before the big Saturday move. Ben rented a 16′ truck and between that and other cars, we’re hoping to get everything packed into one trip. Optimistic? Maybe, but we’ll see. I have a feeling the next 72 hours are going to be crazy!


2 Responses

  1. LOL – I was going to write that about the 2 seasons! Seems like every state says that. I guess except for those states without a real winter.

  2. There is SO MUCH road construction around here! UGH! I hate driving through GB because of it… everytime I’m on Onieda I start cussing up a storm.
    How did you like The Hunger Games? After I read the book, I needed to get the next two – then devoured them in a day and a half.
    Have fun with the packing and the big move!

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