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Cautiously Optimistic

My trustly clunker of a car is home once more. We had it towed a week ago to a different auto body shop to get a second opinion. I told the guy if the car was terminal, just say so, because I didn’t want to keep throwing money at it.

Apparently he researched a bunch online and found some engine codes that kept popping back, all pointing to the ignition. So I now have a brand new ignition to the tune of $750. But the nice part was that he re-keyed it so I don’t need two separate sets of car keys.

Ben got a ride into work, picked up, and drove my car home last night. He even put it right into my garage. This morning I went out to investigate – and it was shiny, clean, and had a full tank of gas. ❤ to Ben!

This past Sunday was some kind of Open House extravaganza. There were tons of open houses and people were out and about checking them out. Such a change from last year when it seemed like you couldn’t get people to go to an open house unless you paid them!

We researched our top picks online and reviewed the open house times and away we went!

It’s amusing how we both look for different things. I tend to prefer more yard space and promising trees:

Ben, however, doesn’t really care as long as there is decent grass!

We checked out 4 houses and then took a break while waiting for the last two open houses to begin. They just opened a Culvers so we stopped there. Ben is anti ice cream so I got some chocolate heath toffee and Ben got a burger and cheese curds. Health food!!

The ice cream was good but I think I prefer softer inclusions. The chunks were pretty hard and crunchy.

We finished eating and took off to finish up our house hunting for the day. Remember the house with the dark, dark walls? The owner re-painted a light peach color … but did a horrible job and you can see the black paint on all the trim lines and even the new paint color on the wood trim. Eeek.

One of the houses was new construction and we walked in only to find there was no realtor there! Wasn’t sure if we could walk around inside or not.

It’s really nice to be able to look at houses without any pressure. It’s very relaxing and we’re just seeing what is available at different price points as well as seeing what features we like. One thing I’m noticing in a lot of newer homes is when you walk into the front door, the living room acts more as a walkway to the kitchen than a nice living space. With the traffic flow, there is almost no space for furniture. I don’t like that trend so we’re automatically veto-ing any house with that kind of floor plan.

House hunting is WAY more fun than trying to sell a house!!

I grabbed a redbox movie to put on while I clean and organize and I’m still trying to keep an increased fruit/veggie thing going on. Water is going well too (maybe not the full 64 oz but still better than before) and I barely even hit 1000 mg of sodium yesterday!

Rock’in and Roll’in


2 Responses

  1. Good luck with the car! I love looking at houses. I flipped a couple houses and the worse they looked, the better I liked them LOL! I watch House Hunters on HGTV, too.

  2. I love getting my car back with a full tank of gas – putting gas in my car is my #1 least favorite chore!

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