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The First Moving Weekend

What a weekend!

Before I get into the craziness, let me start by saying that I successfully completed the Week 2 challenge to drink 64oz of water a day. What’s (not so) surprising is that towards the end of the week, my body got used to all the water and when I didn’t start drinking it early enough, I noticed how thirsty I was. When you are fully hydrated, your body doesn’t retain water and so your reserves are lower.

For week 3, the goal is to limit daily sodium intake to 2300 miligrams. Looking for some interesting sodium comparisons from fast food joints – the mecca for sodium trouble:



Mc Donalds

Cheeseburger  = 740mg

9pc chicken nuggets  = 800mg

Filet o Fish  = 640mg

Large French Fry=  350mg

Longhorn Steakhouse

1/2 rack baby back ribs =  570mg

Olive Garden

Minestrone soup  = 610mg

Shrimp Primavera = 1,220mg


6″ meatball pepperoni melt =  1,560mb

6” Veggie Delite sub  = 310mg

Watch that sodium!!


Onward to the moving news!

If you ever are planning a move, I highly recommend coming up with some kind of moving plan. I further encourage both/all parties involved to be aware of the plan so it doesn’t cause chaos/confusion/disorder as you try and get things packed and moved.

We didn’t have a plan – at least not one the other person knew about. 🙂

Some of Ben’s friends are lined up to help move the large furniture and heavy boxes next weekend, so this weekend’s goal was to begin moving smaller items, boxes, and whatever we could manage by ourselves.

I spent Friday clearing out my spare bedroom so that we’d be able to begin moving the lighter furniture out. Remember what shape my bedroom was in?

Ummm yeah, so that was my Friday project. When Ben swung over to check my progress he calmly suggested we not bother making dinner and grab a pizza instead. I must have looked frazzled.

But everyone else had the same idea and it took more than 20 minutes to get out of the parking lot! (More to come on the crazy road construction another day)

Crazy pizza people!! You can’t even see all the cars that are in line to exit.

We tried a new place and due to the traffic, I don’t think we’ll be back, but at least they cooked my pizza without burning it

On Saturday we enlisted the help of Mr Muscle (aka my youngest brother Alex) so that I wouldn’t have to lug the heaviest pieces. We bribed Alex with breakfast at our normal breakfast joint and he was happy to lend us a hand. We could NOT have done it without him!

After breakfast, it was time to pick up the U-Haul.

The sun was really shining!

Lucky for us we were able to store some of the odd furniture and snowblowers in a house my parent’s are getting ready to sell. Our storage unit looks big but for fragile items or things (like large grills and snowblowers) that can’t have stuff stacked on top, you’d be surprised how quickly the space fills up.

First load ready to move

 We made several trips back and forth and Ben’s folks stopped over for a bit to give us some packing tubs and take a few boxes off our hands.

Plus a few trips to Goodwill (more trips yet to come)

And chaos all over the kitchen

We had just enough peanuts to pack the glassware

Once the kitchen table was moved, it suddenly seemed crazy. It’s amazing how much you need a kitchen table for sorting and placing items out of the way so they don’t end up on the floor!

Dirty and tired, we went to drop Alex off only to discover Mom and Dad were grilling out a feast for us!



Burgers, bratwurst, fruit, corn, and green beans. Mom even stopped at Great Harvest for some chocolate chip pumpkin bread and toffee cookies for dessert.

All in all, a fantastic but tiring day!

This post is getting long so tomorrow I’ll share the house-hunting updates.

Happy Monday everyone


2 Responses

  1. Congrats on the challenge! A little late for this tip, but numbering boxes really helps. That is because the higher the number, usually the more important the items are because they get packed last. Then those are the boxes to unpack first upon arrival in the new spot.

  2. Wowza…that’s a lot of sodium!!!! At least now you should be more motivated to continue with the awesome job of drinking a lot of water due to the fact that you can tell when you dont!

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