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Flowers and Schedules

First of all, welcome to my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors!

I’ve been asked to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador – promoting health and fitness and helping connect people with similar goals. I won’t be jumping full-in until after the move though. Things are a little too crazy these next couple weeks, but expect more info soon.

I got some cryptic text messages from Ben this morning. They went something like:

“Was working till 12:30am and got 2 more calls after that”

“Emergency trip to Madison today. Hopefully just for the day”

Sounds like I have an overtired boyfriend on my hands. Hopefully for him it is just one day!

We get daily emails from Ben’s realtor (which he sends to me and not Ben – is that odd?) about houses on the market. Last night we drove by to check one out. We like to do a drive-by before deciding if it’s one we want a showing for. This was a total NO.

What was fun was driving by all the green houses and flower stores that are open now. I love looking at everything and it makes me even more anxious for Ben to get a house so I can take over his backyard. 🙂

Plus – when you stand next to a ton of the flowering trees together – it smells intensely sweet. I LOVE it!

Oh flowers, if only I could take you home now!

We did successfully move our first piece of actual furniture last night. Ha. The house we went to look at was by my parent’s house, so we loaded an extra headboard up and brought it over to store in their garage. One down, lots to go.

This weekend is going to be a little crazy – it’s expected to rain Fri/Sat/Sun and it’s also the time we planned to move all the lighter furniture and boxes out of the house. So we’re looking into renting a small covered trailer for the day and hopefully can load and unload in between the showers. Should be interesting but it has to get done! Time’s a-ticking!

Last night while Ben was busy working on work stuff, I put a quick dinner together. Ben loves pasta and we have a lot in the pantry that we’re using up. I combined it with some chicken and a head of broccoli. Gotta get some veggies in!

I throw the broccoli right in with the pasta. It breaks the broccoli down quite a bit and for non-veggie enthusiasts, it makes getting in a serving or two much easier.

We used Annie’s pasta shells with white cheddar. I really love this because it doesn’t take a 1/2 stick of butter like so many mac ‘n cheese boxes require.

Cheezy and yummy!

Oh yes, and some raspberry lemonade to help with the 64oz of daily water

So water consumption is going well. I’ve made every day so far. Speaking of which… I should go drink some water now.

Have a great day everyone – drink some water NOW!


5 Responses

  1. YAY Sweat Pink! 🙂 I love raspberry lemonade so much! And those flowers look beautiful!

  2. I have no trouble getting in the broccoli 😀

  3. Hooray for Sweat Pink – sounds like you have a ton going on! Good luck (and love the pasta + veggies)!

  4. What a great idea to add the broccoli to the water. I adore Annie’s mac’n’cheese, too! 🙂

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