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Chug, Chug, Chug

Today we’re talking beverages. Since I’m on day 3 of my second week challenge (drink 64oz of water a day) it seems like a fitting time to discuss.

I’ve been doing well so far and when you compare it to, say, exercising 30 minutes a day, drinking water seems so easy. But – I don’t do it. I’m weird about my water too – it needs to be cold but not ice cold, it needs to be in a glass-glass (that sounded weird, but I mean non-plastic, glass cup 😉 ).

So here we go into a brief look at my beverages:

Almond Milk

My beverage of choice lately has been almond milk. The first time I tried it was during my month of vegetarian cooking – trying to reduce dairy in my diet. If you’ve never tried it, it takes a little getting used to but I promise it’s delicious.

My favorite kind? Almond Breeze unsweetened vanilla


The sweetened vanilla is delicious too but due to the sugar and extra calories, I stick with the unsweetened and can add a drop or two of stevia if I want a little extra sweetness.

Milk-Milk 😉

I love milk. I’d drink it every day if I could but the more research I do on dairy, the more I try and reduce my dairy intake and choose organic options whenever possible. So for when a cookie needs a good milk dunking (or a recipe needs milk in it), I reach for my milk of choice:


I use 1% for drinking and 2% for cooking. I also use Organic Valley cream cheese and half and half as well. They recently came out with vanilla and hazelnut half and half flavors, which are delicious.

Soda / Pop

Do you call it soda or do you call it pop? OR do you call it soda-pop? Whatever it is, my go-to staple for years has been Blue Sky. They have sweetened varieties as well as those with stevia. My absolute favorite is the cherry vanilla creme:

These are more pricey than regular soda, so I stock up when the store runs deals of 2/$1. These aren’t a daily drink for me – I drink one or two a week.


Water Additives

That title sounded healthy didn’t it? Well – I don’t like plain water much, so when I’m guzzling copious amounts per day, I need to make it more appetizing.

SweetLeaf has a line of stevia flavors that are amazing. Some, like the vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate raspberry are better suited for coffee, but they have a bunch that are great for water: lemon, apricot, grape, root beer, orange

(www.sweetleaf.com) The apricot nectar flavor is my favorite – it reminds me of peaches!! A bottle can be pricey ($8-$15 depending on where you buy) but you only need a few drops to sweeten a glass of water, so it lasts a long time

If you’re a fan of crystal light and similar products, I was just introduced to True Lemon.  They have stevia sweetened and non-sweetened lemon, lime, and orange flavors as well as packets of iced tea and raspberry lemonade.


I’ve tried the raspberry lemonade and it’s great and just ordered some of the iced tea online.

I’d post about coffee but that is probably a post best left to itself. 🙂

So now you know all about the beverages in my fridge. Maybe some of these are already in yours or you have some other ideas to try now.

What is your favorite beverage? Do you have trouble drinking water?


4 Responses

  1. My favorite beverage is wine. But that doesn’t create a good impression at work so I drink coffee and water. Yes, I spend an awful lot of time in the bathroom.
    I used to have such a hard time drinking water but then I just got used to it.
    I don’t enjoy milk (unless I’m sick then I crave warm milk with honey). I’m not big on soda but opt for lemon-lime or preferably gingerale for an upset stomach.

  2. I LOVE water – and crave it, but I also drink a lot of Kombucha too! Oh, and coffee – but I’m not if that always counts because it dehydrates? Glad I found your blog – can’t wait to be a Sweat Pink ambassador with you!

  3. I’m an almond milk girl too but I have to agree with the above comment – WINE is my bev of choice. 😉 During the day, I usually stick to tea and water… no soda!

  4. Hello fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador! My favorite beverage is diet soda, but I try to limit my intake. I used to be a lot better about getting in my water but lately I’ve been slacking!

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