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Wrapping Up the Semester

Last night I buckled down and spent the evening addressing various long essay questions surrounding organizational culture, various organizational structures, and change. I’m all organizational-ized out! But – that class is officially wrapped up and in the bag! Woo-hoo. My business law class’ final is going to be posted this afternoon and I’ll try and whip through that tomorrow to be done with the semester and year 1. Hard to believe I have 2 years to go but really nice to say I have 4 classes in the bag.

Aside from being a test-taking machine, I’ve been a water-drinking machine.

Reason #1 to drink more water:

Water is just as essential for our bodies because it is in EVERY cell, tissue, and organ in your body. That’s why getting enough water every day is important for your health.


You can find more info on the importance of water here:


With drinking 64oz of water a day, my challenge is to get all of it in early enough so it’s not disrupting my sleep! Don’t like getting up in the middle of the night. Zzzz..

Speaking of beverages, I’m loving my keurig combo of vanilla coffee and hot cocoa. Probably won’t be an every day thing but it definitely is an awesome treat!

In my favorite Ben & Jerry’s Yum mug. Everyone has a favorite mug and this is mine!

I have to be careful around work lately. There are a lot of people sitting next to me with appetizing candy dishes. It’s way too easy to grab one here and there throughout the day. I think I need to set a limit – like no more than 2 pieces a day or something.

In Operation Clean Ben’s Pantry – we made some cheesy chicken pasta.

Tonight the plan is to bring another car load of stuff over to the storage unit. Slowly but surely!

No car news yet. Fingers still crossed.


3 Responses

  1. Yay for wrapping up the semester!

  2. hey there! found you through fit approach and already love your blog!

  3. Drinking more water has been one of my goals, too. Once I started adding a glass here and there it became a lot easier. Thanks for the reminder. Oh, and congrats on finishing your semester.

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