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Hardly a Surprise

You all knew it was going to happen sooner or later right?

We called AAA on Saturday and they sent the nicest guy out to bring the car to the repair shop. We didn’t even need to drive along, and now my little goldie is getting looked at for the final time. If this new guy doesn’t have a clue, then she has to be tossed. Figured it couldn’t hurt to have a fresh pair of eyes take a look, just in case it was an easy fix overlooked by the other repair guys.

I put another 2 miles under my walking belt and walked to breakfast Saturday and Sunday. I even brought my camera because there were lots of fun flowers and Easter decor to see.



Tulips, lilacs, daffodils – Spring has lots of my favorite flowers!

We borrowed my Dad’s circular saw and Ben got to work slicing some old 2x4s to line the bottom of the storage unit.

And the first dozen or so boxes are now stacked over. Moving has officially begun!

We’re planning on slowly moving a carload at a time each night and have everything except the heavy furniture pieces moved over by the 21st. Then we’ll get some friends to help move the heavy stuff on the 21st and have a few days the following week for cleaning and misc odds and ends before the closing on the 27th. Lots and lots to do!

Easter was really nice. We went over to Ben’s extended family gathering for lunch and watched some of The Masters and then went to my family’s house for dinner. For some reason I didn’t take my camera but we feasted on brown sugar ham, veggie quiche, french toast squares, grape salad, veggies, sweet potatoes, and various other yummy foods.

Backtracking a little, Ben and I grilled out Saturday night. Since grills aren’t allowed on my apt porch, I’m thinking our days of grilling are numbered for a while. We took advantage by grilling brats and corn on the cob. Super yummy – can’t wait until the corn is locally in season and even sweeter.

And we followed it up by splitting a whoopie pie we saw in the pie case during breakfast. It was fresh and light and 1/2 a pie was the perfect serving size.

I just read a note my instructor sent. The final exam we were supposed to complete by next week Monday is now due tomorrow by noon. Guess what this girl will be doing tonight!

Spring Survivor Challenge Update:

Week one of fruits and veggies is complete! For this week, the challenge is to drink 64oz of water a day! This will be harder for me but I’m not letting my team down. If you’re doing the challenges along at home, get guzz’ling!


3 Responses

  1. Well, at least moving is a good strength workout. Make sure you do a lot of stretching this week!

    I love bleeding hearts. I think I might buy one this month to put into my garden.

    Good luck with the car!

  2. Good luck with the vehicle hoopla Ali!!!

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