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A Crazy 24 Hours

Boy, am I ever tired.

It’s been a crazy kind of day for me. It started with one of those work days where you’re flying around non-stop but not getting anything really done. Ever have one of those? By the end of the day I was fried.

Then I went to meet some old co-workers for dinner and a drink after work…

You know what’s coming right?

I couldn’t get my car to start up again. Usually after 10-15min it starts back up but this time I kept trying for over 30 minutes before deciding it wasn’t going to start. I threw everything that looked mildly interesting into the trunk, locked the doors, and started walking the 2.5 miles back to my apartment.

Now I know I could have called someone but I honestly didn’t think it was that far, didn’t realize it was that cold, windy, and dark, and didn’t remember I had my work shoes and a light jacket on rather than tennis shoes and a proper coat.

Not a fun time but at least that’s more mileage to add to the total right?

This morning I had Ben pick me up and drive me over to give it another try. The plan was that he’d call AAA and have them tow it to another garage in Appleton – but it started right up. Go figure. Still, the car clearly cannot continue like this for me so we’re going to schedule an appt for next week and hope the new guy can find something. If not, then I’m kissing the car goodbye – finances or not.

Today is the last day of the 5 servings of fruits and veggie challenge. I’m doing great too. One bag of sugar snap peas is 3 servings so I’m cruising right along. Breakfast lately is the yogurt with berries and a veggie

The nice thing about the peas is you munch on them and they take a while to eat them all – so your mouth is busy longer.

We’ve all been bringing in fruits or veggies to share with our teammates and I grabbed another plateful of fruit a teammate brought in

We’re having fun browsing online looking for Ben’s new house. We need to put a list together to give our realtor so we can get a few more showings in. We’re just 21 days away from the closing!

Oh – keep an eye on this shrub:

This shrub is right outside my front apartment door and last year it grew so big they wacked a ton of it off. I’ll be interested to see how big it gets this year. It’s already growing quite a bit. This morning it was below freezing out and I’m wondering how that will affect all the blooms and buds around here.

I experimented a bit with the keurig (as if you really can) and mixed some hot cocoa with a vanilla coffee and made some delicious mocha coffee.


(source: amazon.com stock photos)

Keurig coffee always smells amazing. The ingredients in the cocoa aren’t ideal but it was on a mega sale at the store so I picked one box up as a random treat every now and then.

I’m now stealing all of Ben’s “showing apples” since we won’t be needing a pretty bowl of fruit for staging anymore. Couldn’t have come at a better time with me needing extra fruit and veggie servings anyway. 🙂

A big ,beautiful bowl of pink ladies (one of my favs) and some leftover granny smith.

Munch, munch, munch

Wishing you all a fab Friday and a terrific holiday weekend!


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  1. I say ditch the car. Your safety is more important than a tight budget for a while.

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