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Home Inspection Part 2

I’m doing a little giddy dance today. The inspections are over and the buyers are not adding anything additional! No more work needing to be done – hurrah!

That was pretty much the final hurdle (other than the actual closing) and so we’re basically running home free now. This also means it’s time to crack the whip and get Ben moved out.

He’s cruising along so much faster than me though. Of course, it helps to just pack everything up and toss what you don’t want to move. It’s harder to try and condense enough together to make room for an extra person.

Tonight’s plan is to make a general to-do list and get some dates and deadlines put together. We need to get some people lined up to help move the heavy furniture and still leave us a few days after for cleaning, etc…

I’m doing great on the fruit and veggie challenge with my group of co-workers. Last night I made up little veggie packs for each of us.

Baby carrots, broccoli, and green peppers. What’s great about this week is that it really is forcing me to get in a couple servings of veggies a day. The fruit is no problem – I could eat 5 servings of fruit alone – but I’m shooting for at least 2 servings being veggie.

A typical lunch for me is yogurt and berries and either a veggie or piece of string cheese.

I actually prefer raspberries or blackberries in my yogurt. They stir in and mush down better and I like the flavor distribution.

We’re having fun looking at houses online. We had wanted to look at one but apparently it’s being painted this week due to feedback. Kinda funny that people would pick such ‘interesting’ colors for their home and expect it to appeal to a wide variety of people. Sure, painting is an easy fix, but when there are so many houses for sale and competition is tight, why not paint something neutral so the buyer isn’t forced to paint as soon as they move in?

Case in point:

Black walls in my kitchen and dining room? No thank you! 🙂

What about you? Are you fond of bold wall colors or do you accent with furniture and trimmings rather than wall color?


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