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Home Inspections Part 1

I spent all day sitting and stewing and worrying about how the home inspection would go. It’s an old house – so I’m assuming the expectation would be different than if the house was a couple years old – so it should just be about safety and making sure the foundation is solid. I think?

Anyway, I finally found out the inspection was at the end of the day and that they plan to rent the house to their niece and now want another rental inspection today. Seriously? Argh! So I’m sitting and waiting again today to find out what is going to happen.

My fingers and toes are starting to cramp from keeping them crossed so long.

But we continue to plug along as is everything will work out fine. Ben secured a storage unit yesterday morning (ya-hooo!) after LOTS of trouble finding anything. The unit is about a half mile from my apartment and will be absolutely perfect.

So Ben’s boxing up and starting to move things out

I heard quite a lot of birds flapping around my window and when I walked outside I saw lots and lots and lots of feathers:

And more…

Don’t get squeamish – it looked like there was some carnage but it was red bird berries of some kind. Maybe they were out food gathering and then a large bird came by?

Interestingly enough, the next morning it was all gone…

Our survival work team is doing great with the fruit and veggie challenge this week. In fact, I’m really excited about doing this. I managed 4 servings of fruits and 3 of veggies yesterday. Go me!

Looking back on March goals – I wanted to eat more veggies and get out and exercise more. Both accomplished! Could have done more in each category but there was definite improvement over recent months so I’ll call that a win.

My April goals? I’m going to focus on the survivor work challenges and keep walking to breakfast on the weekends. I’ll be swamped with moving and I want to focus on the survivor challenge and not let my team down. Who knows what each week’s challenge will be!

We’re also working on eating everything in Ben’s pantry. Last night it was some gluten-free apple cinnamon flax muffins.

Pretty easy to make – just adding some wet ingredients and popping into the oven for 7 minutes

I really need to figure out why my camera quality is so bad in dim light!!

The finished product:

Not bad – when you make them smaller you really have to be careful not to overcook. They were a little on the dry side but nothing a little butter couldn’t fix 🙂

OK, time to stop worrying about the inspection and think about something else – like what veggies I should pack for lunch today! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Fingers crossed that the inspection goes well!!!!

  2. Muffins! Those look good. I love a good old pantry clean out. Sometimes I look at things and wondered why the heck I bought them.

    The problem with older homes and inspections is just making sure electrical and stuff is up to code. Our current house when we bought it was not up to code and the inspector missed some of it. We fixed it ourselves later, but sometimes you wonder what you pay for. Of course our house is 115 years old, so bound to have some issues.

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