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1/4 of 2012 Gone

Can you believe we’re already into the second quarter of the year? Can you believe that the worst months are over and done with?

I can, and it’s super!

I love Spring for the promise of long months with no snow. It does crazy/wonderful things for my morale. Yay!!

This weekend was the start of moving craziness. Ben and I met on Saturday to do our customary breakfast. I drove to his house, banged on the door, and took off walking the mile to the restaurant. With just a month left, I told Ben unless it’s raining, I’m walking there every time we go.

The weather here is 4-6 weeks ahead of time according to the news guy. Trees are blooming and some are already past bloom.

I’m going to look dumb by saying I think this is a magnolia tree? It’s super pretty. But, on close inspection, you can tell in a few days all the blooms will be gone:

I really love the morning walk to breakfast though. It’s fairly hilly which makes it a bit more challenging and I’m finding the mile is the perfect distance for me. I’ve been out of the exercise loop for a while and a March goal of mine was to get back into exercising more.

We feasted on the ‘usual’ breakfast choice and it was yummy as always.

eggs, super-crisp bacon, hashbrowns, and 3 cups of coffee. The thing I love most about this restaurant is they all know us. So if Ben gets there before me, when I walk in everyone will let me know where he is sitting. 🙂

After breakfast we took off to do some house hunting – just driving around neighborhoods we liked to see if anything was for sale – and then met our realtor to look at a house.

Gorgeous! There were tons of positives about the house including these stunning maple floors:

I told Ben whatever house we buy is going to need hardwood floors now. 🙂 There was a lot we loved: newer so less upkeep, perfect location, 3 stall garage, etc but the lot is painfully small – as in not much room for a garden at all – and it almost seemed the price was high for the market right now. Plus, the basement wasn’t even framed in so there would be work needing to be done there. Good starting point for trying to become educated buyers!

Today is the home inspection for Ben’s house and we are beyond nervous. I’m almost not sure I can handle waiting to hear what happens.

Still, with so little time before closing, we have to truck ahead as if everything will be fine with the inspection. All weekend Ben spent tossing things he didn’t want to move and I spent organizing and re-organizing so he’d have room to start bringing his stuff over.

This is what I have to clean entirely out:

It almost looks hopeless, especially when I started pulling out everything tucked into the closet to purge and make more room:

Oh dear… But I’ll get there! I now have bags to be tossed out, piles for goodwill and rummage sale and am cruising along.

Today is an optional class so I’m skipping to work some more and then tomorrow marks my final actual class this semester. After that I’ll be whipping through (I hope) my final exams and can kiss my first year of college in the bag! It will be great to be done for the year to focus on moving Ben.

Oh yes – and today marks the first day of my at-work Survival team challenge. If you want to play along at home for something fun to work on in April – I’ll keep you posted each week. This week, you need to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day (Mon-Fri).

I’m armed with snap peas, pineapple, blueberries, and broccoli! Onward fruit & veggie girl! Woo!


2 Responses

  1. Eeek on having to cram another person’s stuff in your house. That is hard – and a bit stressful. Good luck with the inspection!

  2. Moving is brutal, but it’ll all come together and be so worth it. Love the blossom pictures. Have a great week Ali!

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