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Celebration Dinner

While it’s not over until the fat lady sings (or the home inspector gives the green light), Ben and I remain optimistic in the house offer and went out to celebrate last night.

I had a livingsocial deal for a new restaurant called Fajita Republic. Walking up to the building you can hear Mexican music being fed through outdoor speakers. I love that kind of thing.

The outside seating area looks so cute. It would have been fun to eat outside if it had been warmer out.

I ordered a waitress-suggested fruity drink best seller. Can’t remember the name – but it was super sweet (just the way I like it) with pineapple and strawberry flavor in it.

Ben got a mucho house margarita the size of my head.

I love looking at menus where there are plenty of familiar finds (for when you want something you know you’ll like) but also a few new things for when you’re feeling brave.

I selected vegetarian tacos filled with zucchini, sweet potato, peppers, onions, corn, a cucumber-ish sauce, and queso fresco along with cilantro-line rice and black beans.

I’m really not a cilantro fan. I think you either love it or hate it. I tend to pick it off. But – I love the lime in the rice.

Ben got a chicken burrito stuffed with rice and black beans served alongside fried rice and refried beans

Ben never eats the veggie sides so I stole his lettuce and sour cream for my tacos. 🙂

I started working on one of 3 school assignments I need to complete this week. Whoa – 3 in a week! But the sooner I whip them off, the closer I’ll be to wrapping the semester up. Plus Ben wants to start bringing stuff over this weekend and I have a lot of cleaning and tossing to do. You’re all excited for me, aren’t you? Nothing like some DEEP spring cleaning!


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  1. Yum on mexican food! I haven’t had that in a while. Might be time. I am a cilantro hater. Ick.

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