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Unfortunate Burns


Are you all rested from the weekend and ready to tackle another work week / school week / or vacation week depending what you have going on? I hope so!

Friday was one of those days at work where you want to sit in the bathroom and hope no one finds you until it is time to go home.

One of the projects I am working on had some big catastrophes come up in the 11th hour and now it looks like we won’t close a contract on time. Nothing I could have prevented but since I am responsible for the outcome… not great. Ended up staying an extra 2 hours on Friday to try and get things somewhat sorted out. Score: Ali 0, World 1

The car mechanics couldn’t find anything wrong again, so I was sent home with no bill but no solution. Score: Ali 0, World 2 Mom had the idea that there may be condensation in my gas lines so I went out and bought 3 bottles of Heat and dumped those in. I also have a can of gunk that is supposed to help clean things out so I am going to put that in too. Not much else to try until I have Ben drive it to his mechanic.

Friday night I was in such a foul mood that cooking anything was not an option. We decided to use a Christmas gift card and eat at Olive Garden. We used to eat there a lot when we first began dating but now we branch out more and also try and cook more at home.

Ben used the call ahead seating method and when we arrived there were people packed inside waiting and more spilled outside under the entrance. We walked in, got our buzzer, and not even 15seconds later were seated. Lots of envious people. Score: Ali 1, World 2

We each got one of the limited time entrees – Ben with the parmesan crusted chicken with tomatoes and rotini(?) noodles.

I got the steak option with cheese stuffed ravioli and spinach

With of course the accompaning salad and breadsticks (but Ben gets the Zuppa Toscana soup)

One of the things we like to do on weekends is to settle in front of the TV and watch various shows on the Food Network. Some of our favorites are ‘Worst Cooks in America’, ‘Iron Chef’, and ‘Chopped’. So we usually channel our inner food critics and evaluate our meals to one another.

Ben said his was good but nothing special. He gave the soup two thumbs up. My steak was a little chewy for my taste but the ravioli were tender and cooked well. We both hand leftovers for lunch the next day.

Saturday we ran a bunch of errands. We picked up a spare grill my folks had and then hit the stores of some clothes shopping. It’s cute to shop with Ben because he tells me what he wants (short-sleeved dress shirts) and I comb through the stores holding things I like up and then getting a nod or a thumbs down. Everything Ben tried on fit perfectly and he left $275 poorer. I tried on a TON of things and nothing fit. Absolutely nothing. Score: Ali1, World 3. The issue is I have short chubby legs and lots of pant styles and the cropped/capri pants don’t really look flattering on any figure but especially not on short people with chubby legs! Argh!

Sunday we had two showings back-to-back. We are now double the amount of showings we had last year. We spent lunch over at Ben’s parent’s house while the realtors were doing their thing. Ben’s mom made pot roast with carrots, potatoes, and apple pie.

After leaving, we stopped at the grocery store to load up on the week’s eats. They usually have a pizza and cheese sample booth set up (which Ben always runs to and I always avoid) but this time the pizza was calling me. I grabbed a tiny piece, took a bite, and BURNED the roof of my mouth. Score: Ali 1, World 4. OWWWWWWW It still is really tender and sore this morning.

Last night we set up the new grill and did a garlic herb pasta with grilled chicken and corn.

Cheesy pasta

Grilled chicken and corn

Husking warm corn is SO much easier than husking it raw. Seriously, it takes almost no time at all!

I asked Ben to take a pic so you would have something with me in it.

And then Ben said you all needed an ‘action shot’:

While we were prepping dinner, some people drove up and said they had been one of our earlier showings and wanted to know if their relative could take a quick look through. Umm, can you say no? It seemed weird to have them walk through without the realtor but we didn’t want to be rude. However after talking to them a bit it doesn’t sound like they were really all that interested. I think they saw us outside and thought they could see if we’d take a really low offer.

Should we have let them look through the house? Was that terrible? How do you tell potentially interested people no?

Anyways, my mouth feels gluey and numb from the pizza, I gained a full pound over the weekend, and I have class tonight. BUT I did get in a mile walk over the weekend. So that was something to end on a positive note!! 🙂

Hope you all have a great day!


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  1. It is incredibly rude for someone to just show up and want to see your house. I don’t think that was out of line at all. That is the kind of person who will push through negotiations trying to get everything their way, so maybe this will make them think twice. Nothing like dealing with aggressive buyers (or sellers, for that matter).

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