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Muffin Addiction

Well howdy. My car is back in the shop again today and fingers are crossed it’ll start acting up. I told the repair guys that if they weren’t having any issues today that I would stop over tomorrow during lunch and sit in the car turning it on and off and on and off until it began acting up. Enough is enough – darn car is too well behaved when I’m not around! 🙂

I mentioned a little while ago how I’d tried Lori’s 1 minute muffin as a breakfast option. I really need something I can quickly make and pack since I bring my breakfast into work with me.

The first couple times I made it with pumpkin and cream cheese frosting. Then I realized something. I really don’t like pumpkin unless it’s really cooked and doesn’t have any raw pumpkin taste to it (probably didn’t help that I didn’t follow the recipe and dumped more like 1/4c of pumpkin in rather than 2T…)

So now I’ve been modifying and making my own versions – which are more like 2.5minute muffins. I double the standard recipe and bring it into work. It keeps me full all morning long.

One new variation was to sub a few tablespoons of the flax meal for organic oat flour and then top with a raspberry whipped cream topping

I used some of my new PB&Company raspberry jam for this.

Result? Not bad but not sure I really liked the jam mixed with the whipped cream.

Then I tried doing a chocolate pumpkin with cream cheese

Again – too pumpkin-y. Maybe if I would just measure the darn pumpkin!!

But the great thing is that no matter how I dump of switch or change up the recipe, it always turns out light and fluffy.

My favorite combo is the traditional recipe with coconut oil instead of regular oil and then adding in chopped walnuts, chia seeds, a splash of vanilla, and brown sugar instead of white.

And why do I only have a pre-mixed picture? But the end result looks pretty similar to the others

I’ll try and write down the exact amounts I use in case people are interested. I always double the recipe and then just snack on it all morning. I’m a nibbler so this really helps.

Have you ever found a blog recipe that is now a staple at your house?


2 Responses

  1. Try 1 tablespoon of applesauce instead of the pumpkin. It doesn’t really taste like apple, but nice and moist still.

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