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The Dress Code

Allow me to rant – just a little bit – today.

The latest buzz around the office is regarding the company’s new dress code. Last year, sometime around October, they released a memo indicating that they were severely changing the dress code policy. T-shirts and team sport shirts (polos, button-down, etc) were no longer acceptable even on ‘casual Fridays’ and company logo apparel that was denim or fleece was no longer acceptable either. (Don’t get me started on the shoe memos!)

While I am sure there were people who abused the dress code, for the most part I think people were respectful and dressed appropriately. I was mad that the fleece sweater I had purchased FOR WORK sporting our company logo was no longer allowed to be worn. No problem, I’ll just wear it… never? FAIL

Now that we’ve had a few days of nice weather, a clarification memo came out to explain that capri pants are no longer allowed – but cropped pants are. Confused? Here’s the example:

I love it when the examples are clearly black and white. Cros and pants that fall to the knee? Well gee, anyone could have figured that one out. What about that grey area – every one of the capris I bought just last year for work that are higher than the cropped look but MUCH lower than those weird capris. Argh

Normally I’d wear my cute sandals. Birkenstocks are not allowed – but I take that to mean the thick buckled rugged casual sandals. Mine (I think) look more dressy

But I wasn’t sure and decided to wear my non-Birks to work

But then around noon yesterday I noticed it felt weird walking in them…

A huge chunk of the side was falling off. I grabbed the stapler to see if I could tack it back into place to get me through the rest of the day.


And when I got home I realized BOTH shoes were terminal. At least there’s no questioning throwing these babies out!

So now I need to dump money into light and dark work sandals as well as more new cropped pants. Part of me is thinking I’ll just keep wearing what I’m wearing until my boss says something. Everyone is walking around checking pant length and shoes and making comments. I kinda feel like the dress code is hindering productivity – a lot.

Do you work in a place with a dress code? Have you ever?

Did you read the story about the people who were fired for wearing orange shirts? Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that!

</rant> 🙂


One Response

  1. Well, I work at home, so I can work in my PJs if I want! I have worked in the food industry, where uniforms are issued or you have a dress code. I was a manager and I had to send people home who showed up not in proper attire, which is hard to do.

    If you are short like me, capri length looks like cropped length 😀

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