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80 Degree Spring

How quickly things change…

A couple weeks ago Mom emailed me some puppy pics. Apparently Hailey is quite the imp and chews way more than our last dog. She was very fond of my Dad’s ’round-the-house’ work jacket. Kinda hard to be mad though when she’s so super cute.

My nephew Xavier absolutely loves her. Whenever he comes over Mom will find him in random places with the pup.

Although she handles being Xavier-smothered pretty well, I think she enjoys what’s going on all around her even more.

But, all things change right? And Hailey is looking less like a tiny pup and more like a big dog each day. Her limbs are growing long and I was joking to my brother Matt that she resembles a large jungle cat when she runs around in the backyard.

Yup, not a tiny pup anymore!

Speaking of changes, today is the first day of Spring! Rumor has it the high today is 80 degrees. Eighty degrees. Holy buckets! Whatever happened to my couple months of glorious 50s and 60s??!! 80 is HOT for this gal! I can’t fathom turning on the A/C already but tomorrow is supposed to hit 84…

I may melt. Still can’t grasp that it’s only Mar 20th and 80 degrees.

Waiting for the garage to open so I can call the mechanic and figure out if he wants to try one more time or settle up. The car is 12 years old, 95,000 miles, and aside from some tiny rust spots, looks terrific for its age. Seems a shame but the darn thing needs to just start up and continue running. Will keep posted.

Enjoy the Spring!!


4 Responses

  1. The weather is scary amazing. I like it because I feel so much more energetic with the sun and warmth but then I’m scared to think how race season will be if this continues. YIKES.

    Hailey is adorable. She IS growing fast. You guys prob. know this but if you get her an assortment of toys which are different in texture: hard, soft, ropes, balls, etc., it might make her less inclined to grab items she shouldn’t . Puppy’s/dogs don’t always want to chew just one texture. Sometimes they crave soft (think slippers), sometimes they like hard (think your tv remote).

    • That’s a great reminder. I’ll have to touch base with Mom and see what she has in terms of chew toys!

      I’m a temperature wuss – I like Spring and Fall for walking outdoors cause I do NOT do well in heat/humidity. I’m hoping this craziness passes by and we settle into some normal 50 degree stuff these next few weeks!

  2. What a cutie! We are almost hitting 80 today. It’s crazy because everything is still so brown!

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