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Is This Winter?

First off, I’d like to say that had I known so many people would be interested in my very basic and very easy chicken and rice recipe, I would have posted it sooner? Enjoy peoples!!

Things have been crazy over here. I mean C R A Z Y. Heck, it’s still technically Winter and yet all weekend we basked in high 70 degree weather, sunshine, and basically June temperatures.

I am seriously, seriously tempted to remove my snow tires. I feel a bit foolish driving around with them on my car… but I also can’t wrap my head around the current weather. Last year we got something around 8″ of snow on April 10th. I’m wondering if that’s around the corner.

Oh yeah, and my car died, again. The plan is to wait until it’s a bit lighter out in the morning so Ben can more safely drive it to another repair shop he’s used. We’re hoping a fresh set of eyes may help. Until then I am avoiding the highways and trying to build in extra commute time wherever I go.

Since this is the first year seeing the fruits of my perennial flower labor, I am learning a bit about what I planted and what works in Ben’s soil. It’s a process!

Some things are doing GREAT!

Remember William? He’s the teeny tiny shrub that looked about dead that I removed from the front of the house and transplanted in the side of the garage garden. He already is showing lots of new shoots and tiny leaves. But maybe I should have pruned the old branches?

 The lilac we purchased for the front yard already is covered with little buds and I think we’ll have actual flowers on it this year! Yay!

Most surprising of all is that some of the mums that I just threw in late last year have re-seeded and are growing back! My mom told me that although they are considered annuals, oftentimes they do grow right back again.

There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to which ones re-seeded and which didn’t. It’s a surprise!

Some of the stuff I planted has me worried though. The gorgeous pink daylillies seem to be a favorite with the bunnies and it looks like they were completely gnawed away over the Winter. Similarly, the bushes I moved from the front of the house to back by the shed had looked thriving and growing well last year and now look like they were also chewed down… Similarly the shrubs we planted (weigela) don’t look alive but when I snap some of the branches, there is some green (sorry for the blurry pic!) so hopefully those take off soon.

With the beautiful weather, my allergies are back in full force. Digging around in grass doesn’t do much to help. No sneezing luckily, just some watery eyes and mostly the stuffed nose.

But the best part of warm weather (without being too warm!) is that you get to grill outside again. I can’t tell you what it does to me to be sitting outside husking corn in the warm breeze. It’s great for me mentally. Maybe it’s because grilling signifies, for me, that snow is no where in sight? I don’t know. But I made Ben clean out and fire up the charcoal twice this weekend

We did BBQ chicken with veggies(!!) and mashes potatoes on Saturday night. I mashed the pots with an actual potato masher. My fam tends to use a hand mixer – is it weird that I’m 30 years old and have never used a genuine masher before??

Then Sunday night was burgers and sweet corn! Corn isn’t really in season but the store had some that looked really good and I couldn’t pass it up.

Truly it’s amazing how easy it is to husk corn once it’s been grilled. It takes about 15 seconds an ear. Love!

So all in all it was a great weekend. I really needed the R&R too – it was a tough end to the work week. Ever been on a project with a really hard individual to work with? I think it’s going to be a long 6+ months ahead of me. 😦

I procrastinated on my test for school (surprise surprise) but it was really hard to sit in front of the PC when the sunshine was out and about! We just have 4 weeks left to this semester and then I can say that my first year back in school is in the bag! Exciting!

Have a SUPER day and enjoy the sunshine if you have it too!



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  1. Funny, mums actually are perennials, but all places sell them as annuals. I put them in my garden and they will come back for years! I’ve got some going on 4 years now.

    Hope you get the car sorted out. Ours is on its last legs, so we were told. It is 12 years old, so it is about time to look for a new one.

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