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Silly New Things

I’m a big coffee fan.

That’s probably not shocking news. Or, maybe it is?

When I was growing up, my parents rarely drank coffee. My mom was a morning tea drinker and my dad was addicted to diet coke. The only time coffee was ever in the house was when my mom had parties with the other women in the neighborhood. Seriously, even if you aren’t a coffee drinker – you probably appreciate the ridiculously amazing smell coffee has. As a kid, I’d savor the smell of coffee but was always too young to drink it (mom limited our caffeine consumption – and rightly so). Every now and then after said parties, there would be a small container of decaf coffee left over.

And that is when I got to drink it.

I even remember one time when I had a girlfriend over. We got all dressed up and mom made us decaf and we sat in the dining room using the china cups (with saucers too – la!) and daintly sipping our decaf. I’m sure the ratio of coffee to cream to sugar was probably WAY off. But we felt so sophisticated at the time.

Now, coffee doesn’t make me feel sophisticated. It just helps me function like a normal human. 😉

Ben’s folks bought him a Keurig for Christmas and we finally got around to buying a ton of different flavors and breaking the machine in.

It’s really fun! Now I definitely am more of a ‘make a pot of coffee’ type person but this is great for being at Ben’s when I want a quick cup of coffee.

We had no idea what flavors were good (and a LOT of them have really shady ingredients) so we dropped a small fortune on different flavors to try.

And then we needed the fancy display…

But gee whiz, those little coffee pods are expensive! When does the generic value brand come out??

If anyone has a recommendation for a good flavor to try, PLEASE let me know!!!

Rumor has it that it’s going to be over 70 today. I’m flabbergasted. How can we have June temps in March? Does that mean we’ll be over 100 in July? This is INSANITY!

And I love it ❤

Oh! We had the brown rice chicken disaster last night and it was fine. I think the combo of longer cooking and sitting in the fridge all night helped. Thanks for the suggestions. I think next time I’ll either cook the rice a bit beforehand or add more liquid.

I have my car back again too. They couldn’t find the issue (doh!) so they just cleaned all the wires and re-crimped them (whatever that means) and fingers are crossed. Meanwhile I’m scared to drive anywhere. Thinking of taking it to Ben’s mechanics for another opinion… but that means making Ben drive it 40min in the morning. And it’s dark out. We’ll see…

Today is my co-worker’s birthday so I offered to head for an after-work drink to celebrate with her. Should be fun. Then we’ll see what time it is. Maybe I can get a quick walk in to enjoy this weather.

Enjoy your day!


2 Responses

  1. You can actually get a reusable pod filter for those machines and use your own coffee in them. That way you can get some super fresh roasted coffee locally and have it ground (if you don’t have a grinder). That’s also a lot cheaper than the pods, even if you buy more expensive coffee.

    That story is so cute about the decaf!

  2. LOVE coffee!!!!! Wow…that is quite the assortment to pick from. FUN! Have a great weekend Ali.

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