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Recipe: Chicken & Rice

Have you ever made something so many times that it becomes routine to ‘whip it together’ for dinner (or breakfast or lunch)?

That’s how it is for me with chicken and rice. It’s one of those super simple, super delicious recipes I’ve made a gazillion times. It’s a recipe everyone loves. And it never fails…

Chicken & Rice

4 Chicken breasts

1 cup milk

1 cup white rice

2 cans condensed cream soup (I use the organic kind and usually do chicken and celery – but potato or mushroom would work too! mix and match!!)

1 package onion soup mix

Grease a 13×9 pan and line with chicken. (I went overboard here with the chicken tenders. If using large breasts, I wouldn’t line them so close together – I wanted leftovers!!)

Combine the soups, milk, and rice and pour over the top. Sprinkle soup mix over top of rice mixture. Cover and cook on 350 for 60-90min.


Total comfort food and Ben loves it too so it’s a win-win. He doesn’t have a glass 13×9, which is what I typically used, so I lined his with foil. (I really need to get that boy a 13×9)

I used to use Lipton onion soup mix – which had great flavor – but has absolutely HORRIBLE ingredients. I switched to organic onion soup mix which has a more mild taste but still acceptable.

Served alongside our veggie of choice:

Now here’s where I get to make a confession. Last night I decided to make a big batch of C&R again (these pics were from last week) and in an attempt to be healthier, I switched the white rice to brown rice – thinking it would take a bit longer to cook…

3 hours and a large pile of crunchy rice mush later…

I haven’t had pizza even once this year – but it was needed last night.

I went home and told Ben to pull the chicken out before going to bed. Hopefully it will be salvageable for dinner tonight.

Rule of thumb, do NOT cook chicken and rice with brown rice. You have been warned.

White rice, in this case, is desired.

PS: Word is they had trouble starting my car in the garage yesterday. We’ve been waiting for it to act up while in the shop so they can diagnose. Fingers crossed they find something today!


3 Responses

  1. I haven’t had this in years, my mother used to make this. It is a shame that it didn’t work with brown rice…you would think it would. Maybe additional liquid next time.

    • That’s a good suggestion. I loved the idea of using brown rice. Maybe if I’d cooked the rice a bit first and then tossed it together with the soup. My hope is that it will be edible for eating tonight after reheating and sitting in the fridge all day.

  2. I couldn’t go a month without pizza. Love it!
    And the chicken with rice, I think my mother used to make something like that. Ted would love it.

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