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Being Lazy

First off, my apologizes for not even getting a Friday post out this week. What a bum! I kept getting ready to start and then would get sidelined by some other lazy and non-productive (but extremely wonderful) project.

With no car on Friday and Ben going to an after work happy hour with co-workers, I settled into hanging about and being a general veg monster. We got snow on Friday morning – just a ton.

🙂 And then the sun came out and we had a gorgeous mid 40’s day. With this week being Spring Break, I didn’t want to be an over-achiever and get all my homework done ahead of time, so I decided to just relax and enjoy things. First up – popcorn

I love popcorn and since Ben doesn’t eat it, I rarely have it anymore. So I popped a big bowl and snuggled up on the couch with a new book.

Then I spied this gorgeous sun spot on the carpet calling my name. I’m pretty sure I’m vitamin D deficient since it’s Winter and I haven’t been exposed to  much sunlight, so I threw a pillow on the floor and soaked up some rays.

It was fabulous.

Now the weekend was ridiculous. I cannot get over this weather. It was almost 70 yesterday. SEVENTY DEGREES – LUV

I didn’t get a call from the auto shop on Friday so I was without a car all weekend long (will call ASAP when they open this morning) and was at the mercy of Ben to bring me here and there.

Since it was so glorious out, I made him drop me off at his house so I could walk to our breakfast place. He drives – he doesn’t like to walk on an empty stomach. Ha Ha so by the time I walked there, my food was just arriving on the table. Perfect timing and I got a mile to stick onto my yearly tally.

Look at what a change the scenery looks like now:

It felt great to be out walking around again. We went for another walk later together. It was windy but wonderful. Sort of amazing that I’ve been out of the exercising loop for so long – I definitely felt some tightness in my shins. That’s usual for me though but I’m taking it as a good sign that I worked some muscles walking about. More to come for sure.

Just as I was getting excited about driving to work in the morning in sunshine, it was daylight savings time. It’s funny too because we had bought this huge clock for the kitchen wall to jazz it up a touch for showings and this entire time we hadn’t changed the clock back – so whenever someone would come over they’d always be shocked at the time. Ben changed it just before our first showing… and then we laughed when we realized we had to change it again a week later.

We got a call yesterday that there’s another showing scheduled for today. Maybe the third time will be a charm??  This girl is getting antsy!

For now though, time to get back to the usual work stuff. Off to wait for my ride to pick me up! I need my car soon!!!


3 Responses

  1. Good luck with the showing. It takes an average of 9 showings per offer, but hopefully this will be a good day!

    Does Ben exercise with you at all?

    • Ben is actually the one with the gym membership so when we go to the gym, it’s always together. He’s not into walking before breakfast and he’s totally against any kind of organized race (so won’t do my annual Sept 5K run/walk – boo).

  2. Oh, so envious of your warm weather. And love the pillow in the sunbeam. Best wishes on the showing…may you find the PERFECT buyer soon. Have a great week Ali.

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