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Something’s Missing

Today we’re playing a game. Since you are all such smart bloggies, I figure this will be a piece of cake. Ready?

Take a look at these next two pictures I took last night and tell me what’s missing:

Did you figure it out??

Did you?


Here’s a hint – I took these pictures on Saturday


Crazy isn’t it?

I glanced down at Ben’s temp gauge and look what it said…

60+ in the beginning of March? Have I died and moved to Florida? (Ha!) It’s back down to a high of 40 today, but the extended forecast is looking beyond fantastic.

In an attempt to branch out with my cooking, I asked Ben about some of his favorite meals growing up. After rolling my eyes over “pizza”, I decided to make another one of his faves: meat and potatoes.

Apparently it’s quite simple. Just brown your ground beef and drain, then add in a packet of gravy mix (which I happened to have just bought) and a cup of water and then let it simmer until it reaches your desired consistency. Serve over mashed potatoes. With a veggie, of course.

Wasn’t too bad and definitely was easy enough to make.

We dropped my car off again last night. PLEASE cross your fingers and offer up prayers that they’ll find and be able to fix my car troubles. If they find nothing or fix something again and it doesn’t work … I’ll have to figure out a Plan B.

But through it all I’m trying to remain positive. I hopped inside the car wash and made Ben take a picture. Right after he snapped this something mechanical (motion sensor?) creaked and I freaked and dashed out worried water would start dousing me. Ben thought that was hilarious. Humph 🙂

With no car again, I’m glad next week is Spring Break with no classes. That makes it much easier when I don’t need to worry about traveling back and forth at night.

I packed up my lunch – a Fage with strawberries and string cheese. With carrots being the only easy “lunch on the go” veggie I can think of (and they are so starch-heavy), anyone else have ideas for a packable veggie?

Oh, and in other news – we have our second showing at noon today! That makes two in a week and we only had three total the entire 6 months we listed last year. Fingers crossed on that too!!


2 Responses

  1. Cucumbers are a good packable veggie. I don’t eat that many raw veggies, but cukes are a staple for me.

    We are going to hit 60 today, but with rain.

  2. So crossing everything for good news on the car. Have a GREAT weekend Ali.

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