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A limerick

There once was a girl from Green Bay,
Who had an unfortunate day.
As she drove down the road,
In an ominous mode,
Her car, once again, died away.

Driving to school is not fun,
Less so when your car will not run.
The shock and surprise,
Engine putters and dies,
And of course, in an inter-section.

The issue, it seems is unknown,
And I’m hoping to be thrown a bone.
“Fix my car” I will shout,
Do it now, don’t cop out!
So my garage will not long be alone.

Both oxygen sensors are new,
And that thingy they fixed is good too.
Fuel pump checks out OK,
All looks good, so they say,
And I worry that’s all they can do.

With classes to take yet tonight,
I’m driving with terrible fright.
Will I get smashed from the back?
When my car hits the sack,
Or drive safely into the night?

Replace it now – most of you say,
Were it older I’d go right away.
But the darn thing should run,
Dropping money’s no fun,
Maybe I’ll try one more day.

If the shop can’t do much then I’m done,
And dealers will tell me Welcome!
Shop along for new cars,
With fancy gadgets and stars,
But I’d rather poor goldie just run!!!


2 Responses

  1. Ugh – glad you could find enough humor to write a limerick – very clever!

    How is the bus system in your area?

  2. […] various settings. It’s official folks, my 13 year old car – whom I’ve been with through thick and thin – had been replaced. I bought my first car in April of 2003. I’d just accepted my first […]

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