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National Sleep Appreciation Week

I was listening to the radio this morning when I heard that it’s National Sleep Appreciation Week. Now this is a week I can definitely get behind! We’ve all been there too right? I’m seriously addicted to those rare mornings when you wake up perfectly warm and cozy, every part of your body feels wonderful, and you glance at the clock, turn over, and give yourself another 15 minutes. 🙂 Those mornings are good for the soul, don’t you think?

Are you looking for a few helpful tips for getting a good night’s rest? The radio suggested not eating anything after 8:30pm. This allows your body time to digest all your food before you go to sleep. Similarly, avoiding any beverages after 9:00pm will prevent you having to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Always shoot for going to sleep at the same time and waking up at the same time – and shoot for 7+ hours a night.

I’m going to backtrack to Friday and catch you up on my weekend (since I’m a bad blogger and rarely post on the weekends – an April goal maybe?). It was funny because we’d had a crazy storm on Wed that everyone was freaked out about – and amounted to nothing more than rain and slush for me – but then Friday’s snowstorm came out of the blue!

The snow started falling about 2pm and picked up speed as the hours ticked by. I’m a wuss driving in snow and called my knight in a shining 4-wheel drive car to pick me up. 🙂

The temp was hovering just below freezing so the snowflakes were huge and wet. Just walking out to the car and my jacket was soaked!

Saturday morning’s agenda was shoveling all that heavy, wet snow. The snowblower doesn’t like blowing water and as the temps began to increase, it was getting mushier and heavier.

But… it was REALLY pretty

I’ve always maintained that I hate snow when I’m driving in it but I think it’s so pretty covering trees!

I think Ben appreciated having help with the driveway. It was back-breaking work. By the time we had finished, the top section of the drive was already melting clear – so it was good we got it done right away. But boy were our arms tired afterwards!

Early Sunday morning Ben got a text message from our realtor (house was listed on Friday – fingers corssed everyone!) that an agent wanted a showing at 2 that afternoon! So soon! We were thrilled but it put a dent in our plans (I had a movie date at 12:30 and we had planned to do grocery shopping first). So… we punted. Priorities right? Scrambling around we scoured the house and got it in tip-top showing condition. It actually looks fantastic – I think the best it’s ever looked for a showing.

I am responsible for all the little girly touches:

In between all the cleaning chaos – I was making two batches of brownies for Ben to take into work.

What a lot going on!

While I was out to a movie with my friend Mel, Ben went grocery shopping for me and dropped all my stuff at my apartment.

We already got feedback that the person liked the house but not enough. Darn. Well – we have 6 months to get this thing sold!

I have some homework for tonight’s class that didn’t get done – so I’ll be doing that over lunch break today. It was 11 degrees this morning with a -1 wind chill and the high tomorrow is 47. 53 by Wednesday. Spring maybe?

Hope you all had a great and productive weekend.

Oh yeah, and I lost another .6 pounds this week!


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  1. Yay for a loss! We had over 6 inches of snow at the end of last week. Temps were beautiful on Saturday and most of it is gone now. We are supposed to hit in the 50s on Wednesday! I am so ready to get my bike outside!

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