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March Goals

Has it sunk in with the rest of you that it’s really March? Already?

1/6th of the YEAR is already over! But I’m loving it when the winter months fly by! 😀

More snow (4-6″) is expected tonight – but weekend snow doesn’t bother me. I’ll just stay indoors tomorrow. 🙂

I had fun browsing through the bulk bins at the grocery store yesterday. It’s sooo much cheaper than buying packaged!

Organic oat flour and rice. I’m going to experiment with swapping white/wheat flours with oat for gluten-free options and see what that’s like

I also bought more of the chocolate chips I tend to use for baking. Although… after looking at them, I’m note sure I’d buy them again. While I like them being soy-free, the dairy and nut-free doesn’t concern me. Plus they are about 3x as expensive as other options. Time to compare ingredients!

Also have been searching for a gravy mix that doesn’t have MSG. Looks like I found a winner! One of Ben’s favorite childhood meals was beef cooked in gravy over mashed potatoes. Thought it would be fun to make that for him sometime.

Confession time. I caved on the cashews. What can I say? I’m obsessed. I don’t think I ever had a dark chocolate-covered cashew until a few years ago. Now I’m making up for lost time.

And these cashews are huge with plenty of chocolate. Look at the comparison to a “usual” sized piece.

Holy yum.


I have two main goals for March – nothing fancy or sexy – just two basic things to keep in mind:


1. Get eating veggies

2. Get back in the gym


You’ve seen my pics and heard my confessions. Time to start shoveling the greens back into my diet. I also am looking to get in some workouts. Not anything crazy or structured, but start getting back into the swing of working out. So we’ll see how these go.


Anyone have any good goals for March?


2 Responses

  1. I am going to do a new strength training program starting in a couple weeks. A serious one that follows a 16 week plan.

    Veggies are a hard thing to get in. I have to make such an effort to eat them. I wish I was one of those people that loves to eat them (like my sister).

  2. Hi Ali. SERIOUS bargains on those bulk goods. Big yay. I too am staggered that it is March already. HOW??? 🙂 That said, bring on the spring!!! Have a good weekend.

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