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Curious Weather

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

I gave you a sneak peek at my breakfast eats and (as I suspected) it turned out great! I made one of Lori’s 1 minute muffins! Instead of making muffins (I don’t have microwaveable muffin cups) I just doubled her recipe and put it in my lunch container. I did the pumpkin version but subbed stevia for the brown sugar.

And then I covered it with way too much (calorie-wise, not taste-wise đŸ˜‰ ) cream cheese

Very tasty! I nibbled on it all morning and it kept me full enough that I didn’t eat my mid-morning Larabar snack.

Can I just say how crazy this weather is? Remember my “pre-storm” picture I posted yesterday?

This is what it looked like AFTER the snowstorm, the sleet, and ALL that rain:

Almost looks like nothing happened. I have proof though! Rain on my porch!

We were really in the best spot for the storm though. Areas just 10 miles North got hit so hard schools were closed. We just had 2 hour delays. Some places got 23″ of snow. TWENTY-THREE INCHES OF SNOW OMG!!

The roads are still bad this morning because of all the rain and the colder temps. Slick and slippery!

And the poor UPS man had to drop off my very important package yesterday. I can imagine him wading through all the slush to my front door:

More peanut butter! I really don’t need more at the moment. I never have bought through the company directly before either (because shipping is RIDICULOUS) but they had a special where you bought 2 peanut butters and got 2 jams free – which negated the price of shipping. So I did it just so I could try the spicy peanut butter!

I’ve never tried their jams before but I’m sure they’ll be good. ‘The Heat is On’ is a spicy peanut butter I thought might be good made into some kind of sauce over pasta. Not sure what I’ll try yet. Then I also bought some regular peanut butter. Although I LOVE PB&Co peanut butter, they have palm oil and sugars in most of their butter line. So I thought I’d try the ‘natural’ peanut butter instead and see if I like it. They need to come out with an organic line!

Tonight I’m heading over to Ben’s while we wait for the realtor to arrive. Ben’s signing the papers today to get the ball rolling on re-listing. Really, really hoping we can get it sold this time around – can’t drop the price much lower than this!

Have a super Thursday! Friday is right around the corner!!


3 Responses

  1. Glad you like the muffin! I love cream cheese frosting on it – especially the pumpkin one! This muffin will keep me full for a long time. Hooray for fat!

    We got a lot of snow! Heavy wet snow. Ick. Looks pretty, though. Hello spring…

  2. Did you bake the muffin or microwave it? If so how long for that pan?

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