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In Like a Lion

If today were a normal year and not a leap year, today would be March 1st. I am choosing to disregard that tiny detail and make the brash declaration that March has officially “Come in like a lion”. I remember my 2nd grade school teacher telling us all about this highly accurate judge of Winter weather patterns: in short, if March starts out with terrible weather, then it will end with mild weather – and vice versa.

All yesterday people were a-twitter at work trying to predict the weather. I don’t blame them – this was the radar when I left to go to class last night:

Green Bay was right on the edge of the blue (snow) but the icy mix (pink) was soooo close, followed by the rain (green). By the time class was over there was quite a lot of snow falling.

So I got stuff ready as soon as I got home – that way I’d have extra time to shovel out my car from the garage (I get crazy snow drifts) and extra time to drive to work.

Laid out my boots

Prepped a quick breakfast (I’ve been blog-hunting for quick recipes 🙂 )

And relished my afternoon picture of what it looked like yesterday – so uncharacteristic for this time of year.

I have a surprise for you! OK, not really. Normally I don’t take pictures of my breakfasts and lunches during the week because (in my opinion) they are always the same and pretty boring. BUT I had my handy-dandy camera and thought I’d snap a shot of my totally un-balanced lunch (eaten in between meetings).

That’s Greek yogurt with raspberries and flaxseeds. A little overboard on the dairy for sure with the string cheese and there’s zero veggies. Remember last year when I was doing my veggie challenge and eating more veggies? I need to get back into that. I am seriously appalling lately when it comes to veggie consumption!

3 Responses

  1. I am trying to eat more veggies too. I don’t eat yogurt anymore, but when I used to I luved the greek yogurt and raspberry combo very much!

  2. I love veggies. For me, it’s more of a chore trying to get enough protein. I’ll take fruit and vegetables any day.

    The weather – UGG! Don’t you know, as soon as a few running events in our area crop up, the wind starts howling and the snow starts falling. I’m ready for sun and warmth at this point. 😦

  3. I really have to think to get veggies in. I will eat my broccoli pretty much every night, but it is a real effort to get in more than that. Fruit is never a problem!

    That storm is hitting us right now!

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