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Adventures in Juicing

Everyone around here is freaking out.

Including me.

We have a Winter Weather Advisory starting tonight and going until 6pm tomorrow. Snow, sleet, rain, and more snow. Some TV channels predict 6-9″ of snow, and the radio said 2-5″. Apparently we’re right on the line of snow/rain and temps will determine how much is snow and how much is rain. Should be a *fun* drive into work tomorrow morning.

Thanks a BUNCH for weighing in on Ben’s rug situation. I really appreciate the input. I think the rugs will stay – we’ll pack em up for now and just bring them out for showings so they look nice – and get some double-sided tape for the front entry one.

This weekend we opened a Christmas present Ben got me:

We’ve been trying to plan out gym time (which is almost impossible when I am in class). Our major dilemma is that by the time we get back from the gym, it’s after 7pm and if you try and make a dinner – you’re eating usually after 8pm. Not ideal. So his idea was for us to juice after the gym instead.


This weekend we gave it the first go-around. All washed and ready!

We bought a little of everything: carrots, pineapple, apples, honey tangerines, navel oranges, ginger root, and grapefruit. Nothing too adventurous for us yet!

I made Round 1 of juice: 2 apples, 2 carrots, and a few small slices of ginger

Lots of pulp!

Verdict? Not bad! I’m used to juice a little colder – despite having this in the fridge, but it was good.

Ben picked the fruits for Round 2: grapefruit, honey tangerines, and apples

Juice away!

Citrus really makes a lot of juice!

And TONS of pulp!

Lovely juice to look at; horrible to drink

We tried adding a bit of ginger and half the pineapple to sweeten it but it was inedible.

While I should have known to remove the rinds on the citrus before juicing, for some reason all I did was quarter and de-seed. Darnitall. I feel a little silly.

It leaked around the seals a little bit – not sure if that is normal or if this machine is faulty.

I also need to read up on the right oranges and apples to be used for juicing. Mom used to buy big bags of juicing oranges but I haven’t seen anything around here.

Do any of you juice? Any tips or recipe ideas?


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  1. I have never juiced. I find it doesn’t last me very long and I would rather chew my fruit. I think Seville oranges are the nice ones for juicing, but don’t quote me! 😀

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