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Care for some squid?

I was mildly amused yesterday when a friend emailed me the latest ‘recipe’ craze to span the interwebs: squid

Apparently squid is more popular among children than adults. I’m not terribly surprised by that.

Tell me have you ever made squid?

Clever, don’t you think? I must admit I was a HUGE fan of hot dogs as a kid. They were perfect lunch fare in the summers or roasted over a big bonfire for dinner. A quintessential summer food that, to this day, reminds me of exploring in the back woods, biking around dirt roads, and vegging about in summers of glory. Today, I don’t eat hot dogs much (maybe 1x every other year?) but I still choose to be blissfully unaware of any supposed ingredients that may or may not be present.

This weekend I have, for once, not a drop of school work to complete. It’s pretty awesome. So the sole order of business is to work on re-prepping and staging Ben’s house so we can get the realtor to come over, take pics, and get it re-listed.

Back when we had it on the market last time, Ben had two roomies and a cat living with him. Pumpkin provided me all kinds of comedic amusement

But he made cleaning the house and keeping it clean nearly impossible…

With two completely empty bedrooms, we have to un-earth my spare twin bed from my apartment and set it up in one room, and bring another spare bed into the second room. Then we have to make up the beds, move in some furniture, and make it look all cute. I’ll be sure to take pictures for you all on my supreme staging abilities (yeah right).

So this afternoon, picture me sorting through all the odds and ends perched on my twin bed. It’s amazing how it’s become a sorting area for things I haven’t gotten around to dealing with. Well, they’re getting dealt with today!

Anyone have more exciting weekend plans than me??


3 Responses

  1. Okay, that squid is weird, yet clever. I need to show it to my sister!

    So Pumpkin is gone?

    • Pumpkin is gone – which is actually good because he was starting to get annoyed with our cleaning and moving furniture around and was randomly peeing throughout the house. Removing cat urine smell had become a daily routine and was NOT good when we had showings or open houses. Thankfully – we have it all taken care of now!!!

  2. I’ve NEVER heard of the squid things….but gotta admit, it’s pretty impressive.
    AWWWW…..Pumpkin!!! What a cutie!!! Have a great weekend Ali.

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