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Second Tries

There’s been some craziness going on over here people!

And by craziness I mean I’m losing my mind. But, I’m working on finding it.

Remember my beautifully cooked oven steak? I was so proud of it! Perfectly cooked, juicy, I plated it, snapped a picture for you all, and then took a bite.


Horrid. As in the toughest piece of meat I’ve ever had. Without sufficient time to rectify the situation, I cut more pieces for the next day’s lunch and spent that lunchtime chewing until my jaw hurt.

When I came home that night, I took the remaining steak and plopped it into the good old slow cooker, poured some beef broth on top, and let it simmer while I was in class.

The end result? Success! The meat was flaky and flavorful despite the twice-cooked attempts and the chewiness was gone. Viola!

Just  goes to show even if you think you ruined something, there can often be a fixable solution! (that and researching the appropriate cut of beef for a given purpose)

My second “duh” moment has been for my recurring morning headaches at work. I’ve chalked this up to the fact that I drink more coffee during the weekends (3-4 cups a day) but only one cup – albeit a tad strong – during the work week. Nevertheless, that familiar caffeine headache was waging war and forcing me to grab an additional cup of the breakroom coffee, which tastes terrible.

Then, last night as I was setting the coffee maker, I took a GOOD look at the bag of coffee. Notice anything??

Hello? Where is my brain?? At least that issue is easily remedied 🙂

But then, this morning I woke up and while I had the correct coffee, I also got a little more than I bargained for:

Maybe it’s just time to buy the cafe coffee each morning. It’s pricey to sip each morning ($2 a cup) but at least it would solve a few problems.


Tonight Ben and I are double-dating with one of my previous co-workers and her hubby. The plan is to feast on Mexican food. Can’t wait!



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  1. LOL at the decaf in the morning!

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