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Texas: Part 3

Howdy Partner!

If you need to catch up on my Texas adventures, you can read Part 1 and Part 2 here!

For my last day in Texas, we decided to go back to Mimi’s where we’d dined with the family the day before. Gramps declared them to have an amazing breakfast menu and since there was a restaurant close to the hotel, we headed on over.

Isn’t it cute?

I love it when a company takes the time to add some cute accessories and fun things to look at while you eat – like this cozy overhead nook

And funky table lights

Ben was very happy I was there with him

I was happy I had edible coffee.

I picked a ham and broccoli omelet with fresh fruit. It’s funny, in WI ALL omelets have cheese. None of the ones on the menu did so I forgot to ask it to be added.

Still tasty though.

Ben got the Pain Perdu with a fresh berry sauce and cream cheese filling. He said it was fantastic.

Oh sugar and starch – how I miss thee!

We had mentioned it was our first time there and the manager came out and had two of their famous muffins packaged up for us to take along. Ben was thrilled to have some breakfast food. How awesome was that?

I mentioned before how I love to look at the terrain – so wild that there were flowers blooming on trees and in yards.

After breakfast Ben took me to my love: Whole Foods market. I fell in love with Whole Foods when we went to see a baseball game in Milwaukee last year.

This time? FAIL

The parking lot was crazy and I thought I was going to be run over several times. The aisles were so packed with people it felt claustrophobic, and the prices?? Why would anyone shop there?? Most everything I saw I can get back home for a fraction of the price (example: vanilla extract, same size and brand was $13.99 at WF and $6.25 back in GB).


So I passed all the usuals (wouldn’t have had room in my carry-on anyway) and bought things I cannot get back at home. Here’s my loot:

Most exciting purchase: the Mighty Maple peanut butter I’ve been dying to try. It was a full $1 more expensive per jar than back home, but they haven’t started stocking the new flavors yet. Hopefully this tastes good!

I also bought some of the Jocalat Larabars. All the bars were 50% more expensive than back home, so again I stuck with the flavors I can’t get locally.

And some fruit for nibbling. Just cause – check out the fingerprint. lol

From there we stopped at a barbershop to let Ben trim his overgrown locks. I put his hair in the care of a girl with red locks.

45min later and we were done.

And then Ben suggested we stop at another store he’d seen.

And Whole Foods was a distant memory…. because I fell in love.

Natural Grocers was everything I could ever want in a store. I almost cried. Twice. Parking was ample, the aisles were bright, open, and not crowded, but best of all, the prices were reasonable.

I kept picking things up only to have Ben remind me that my carry-on and his checked luggage could only hold so much. 🙂

They had all their organic flours bagged and refrigerated.

We got some amazing deals on stevia and I picked up coconut butter that Ben is bringing home on Friday (along with my peanut butter).

Hurry home Ben

About 20min down the road was a huge outlet mall and with a few more hours to kill, Ben drove me over so I could window shop.

It was a gorgeous facility with music piped throughout the walkways. I saw the Coach outlet and the selection was crazy-good, but they didn’t give me the usual 30% off coupon, so I left empty handed.

As we were walking and browsing, the wind picked up and it was really really cold! Then it began to hail! What a weekend to be in Texas!

Ben dropped me off at the airport and the flights back were uneventful and on-time. On my first flight I sat next to a nice guy named Ian and we chatted and harassed each other the whole way. Made the flight go by super fast. Thanks Ian!

I’m still catching up on sleep since I got back into GB around 11pm. But that’s what weekends are for right?

All in all, a super weekend. Great to see family and have time away from home. Now I really want to schedule a vacation. 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Hi Ali, wow….what a fantastic getaway!!! Like you, I LOVE shopping in grocery stores for things I can’t get at home when I am visiting somewhere. Fun! Enjoy your Thursday.

  2. Omelet without cheese? Does not compute!

    That store looks so awesome! I don’t like Whole Foods. There is a reason why they call it Whole Paycheck.

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