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To Austin I Will Go!

Crazy night over here last night! I was armed with my zillion to-do tasks and hopefully I didn’t forget anything important. It’s amazing how I’ll only be gone until Sunday but with the traveling and getting back so late – plus class Mon and Tues, I needed to have so much more done than usual!

First order of business – dinner. I didn’t want to make anything and have it sitting around the fridge so I opted for using up whatever was in the fridge.

Sauted some broccoli in coconut oil

And made an omelet! Perfectly cripsy broccoli and I like my eggs well cooked – check out the perfect flip result:

I filled it with a little cottage cheese I had left over. Yummy dinner

Next order of business was to prep quick & easy meals for Friday morning and lunch as well as Monday morning and lunch. I won’t have time to make anything when I get home Sunday

Luckily I have plenty of greek yogurt for breakfast, ample fruit selections, and am hoping to grab a few more Larabars down in Texas.

Also needed to lay out something to wear on Monday morning

And pack my carry-on!

With my MP3 player charging at home and almost everything else wrapped up, I just have to make it through 4 hours in the office and then scoot over to meet mom so she can drop me off.

I’m super, super excited but a little nervous too. I’m always anxious about traveling. Will I make all my flights? Will my carry-on be too large? Did I pack everything? Will my crochet hook be OK even though I checked the web site 5 times???? Etc, etc…

All I know is I could never travel as a job – as glamorous as that sounds. πŸ™‚

Ben said the Internet at the hotel is beyond terrible so not sure I’ll be able to get online. But I’ll do my best and don’t worry, I promise full recaps when I get back!




2 Responses

  1. Have fun! I hope your flight isn’t delayed because of this icky weather. Delayed flights stink.

  2. That omelet looks totally like one that would be on my plate!

    Have a super and safe trip πŸ˜€

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