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Getting Antsy

Morning! It’s THURSDAY already. For some reason this week has just flown by. Maybe because I’ve had a to-do list a mile long. Every second has counted.

I tried to find a parking spot for class the other day and counted FOUR spots that were not able to be used because people were parked over the lines and into the next spot.

This person was the BEST parker of the night and the only person who could park within the space. Isn’t it amazing?

Yesterday after work I managed to get my car started thank you Lord and met Mom at the repair shop. We told them it was undriveable and we were dropping it off a day early. Apparently they think the electrical issue will mean a new dash! Yikes!! They are also suspecting a fuel pump issue with the car dying. I cringe to think of the car bill.

Mom was kind enough to drive me around to do a few errands since I’m now without a car for the rest of the week. Stopped at the bank to get some cash for the trip and then went to pick up groceries so I’ll have something in the fridge for Monday and Tuesday (I get back LATE Sunday night – so no time to shop). Amazing all the pre-planning required for just a weekend trip!

I’ve been bad about showing you my breakfast and lunch eats – generally cause they are a hodge-podge of stuff that seems boring to me. 🙂 But hey, at least you can see what’s helping me lose weight.

Greek yogurt, assorted fruit, and ample coffee for breakfast. Lunch is usually some kind of chicken (chicken burger shown above) with a veggie of some kind, and string cheese. I also have a Larabar and some mixed nuts for snacks. Kind of excited to try the Larabar – it’s a new flavor for me: Chocolate Coffee

For dinner I made some turkey hot dogs. Organic, no funky ingredients… and I like regular hot dogs better. Ha Ha I suppose that’s not shocking right? I can’t remember the last time I had a hot dog but I can think of dozens of awesome childhood memories involving them! Topped the dogs with some habernero pepper jack cheese and some broccoli. I’d been trying to branch off to other green veggies but broccoli really is my favorite and I’m sick of chocking down raw celery!

I also have a fresh supply of honeycrisp apples. They cost a small fortune so hopefully there are no bad ones in the bunch!

Tonight I need to do all my laundry, get packed up, and write a paper for class. Whew, it’s going to be BUSY. I get done with work tomorrow at 10:30 and have an 11:55 flight… so it’s necessary to have everything done tonight.

Getting nervous and excited for my trip! One more day and I’m off to TX!


2 Responses

  1. Eek on electrical issues in the car!! Hope it isn’t too much money.

  2. I love turkey dogs! Habernero pepper jack cheese?! Sounds amazing!
    Have fun on your trip! Take lots of pictures and remember to tell us all about it.

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