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January Wrap-Up

Yesterday was a ridiculous 45 degrees outside. Normally January weather is single digits, tons of wind, and a general freezing Ali. We still have plenty of cold wind but these temperatures!! Crazy

I’m not sending them back though. I have a feeling they won’t be around too long. 🙂

It dawned on me this morning that it’s been a whole MONTH into the new year already. Does anyone else wonder where the time goes? It’s fantastic – I love it when the Jan-Feb-Mar months whizz by and we get closer to SPRING!!!! Already excited for some outdoor time.

With one month in the bag, I thought it would be a good idea to whip out my New Years Resolutions and check on my progress.

1. Lose Weight

– Actually not too bad here. I basically just stopped eating sugars and starchy foods (read: bread, rice, potatoes, carrots, etc…). It was a challenge, for sure, but it was a great time to kick start since Ben was out of town most of the month. Weight loss for the month? 5.6 pounds. I’ll take it!

2. Quit Worrying

– I was worried (ha) how things would go with the new job and starting a new semester of classes. I’m super busy, which I knew was going to happen, but right now I’m managing the stress pretty well. Just taking things a day at a time and writing everything down in my planner.

3. Stay Positive

– Doing well here. Obviously more room for improvement but like goal #2, this isn’t an overnight fix. Still, feeling good. I start my first solo project this week and while I’m terrified of messing things up, I also know it’s a great time to SHINE.

4. Get Fit

– I did a tiny bit of treadmill time at the beginning of the year and then switched over to more rebounding since I have only had a few minutes here and there. Lots of time, not worried! (Find out more about rebounding here)

Now that it’s February, I think it’s great to review where I am and what I’d like to pay close attention to this next month. I still like the idea of limiting the sugars and starches (even though it’s killing me) and I would like to get a few days back in the gym. As for being positive and managing my worry – the goal is to not be afraid to ask questions at work and do the best I can each day. That’s all I can do!

Yesterday I wrote a bit about my fast tips for eating well. Another of my favorite buys is pre-made chicken patties. All natural – we actually go with Gerber’s for all our chicken (they have awesome ground chicken).

Just slap on the grill and it’s dinner time! I tried making a makeshift grill/George Foreman by placing foil over a cookie sheet and placing the meat over a cooling rack.

Cooking wise it worked great and the clean-up was easy! But I picked a rack with a coating on it which started peeling. Oop! Should have gone with a regular metal one, lightly sprayed. Next time!

Now get out there and make February fantastic!!!


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